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Please add disambiguations for gtkrange labels


Description Alexander Toresson 2008-10-16 17:50:10 CEST
Created attachment 1899 
Patch to disambiguate ambiguous translateable strings

To translate the "Short", "Long", "Small", "Wide" and "Large" labels for the xfwm4 settings and tweaks dialogs correctly into at least swedish, the different kinds of "Short"/"Long" and the two kinds of "Small" have to be disambiguated using |. Patch attached.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2008-10-17 19:26:43 CEST
Nope, I cannot take this patch as it is, it breaks all other translations and also disambiguation does not work so that the context shows in the label.
Comment 2 Alexander Toresson 2008-10-17 20:03:10 CEST
Created attachment 1900 
Improved patch; sets context accordingly
Comment 3 Alexander Toresson 2008-10-17 20:07:00 CEST
Oh, sorry. I thought context stripping was a feature of gettext that it always did -- though now I learned it's a feature of glib, which you have to manually invoke. For glade, the context="yes" attribute does it.
I've attached an updated patch. I don't believe there is any way around not breaking existing translations, though. Which is a pity, but without it, the Swedish translations of these terms cannot be grammatically correct. Note that Swedish is not likely to be the only language that is affected by it.
Comment 4 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2008-10-18 21:13:18 CEST
Applied, please send a heads up to i18n list for other translators.
Comment 5 Alexander Toresson 2008-10-19 07:19:31 CEST
Thank you! So has been done.

Bug #4484

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Alexander Toresson
Reported on: 2008-10-16
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