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Window cursor resize area to small


Description scootergrisen 2019-05-26 01:32:12 CEST
When i hover the cursor at the window border to resize a window there is a very little area that shows the resize cursor to resize so i have to me overly precise.

Seems like the top border have 3 pixels and the other borders have 1 pixel area.

Maybe 3 pixels on all sides would be better.

Tested in VirtualBox with mouse integration.
If i turn mouse integration off i cant see the cursor.
Using Xubuntu.

xfwm4 version 4.13.2.
Comment 1 Theo Linkspfeifer editbugs 2019-05-26 11:52:53 CEST

The default theme in 4.13.2 has 4px wide borders. You can select it via Xfce Settings > Window Manager > Style.

Note: Xubuntu uses the Greybird theme which does have very thin borders (intended design decision), but there is an alternative variant with wider borders -> Greybird-Accessibility.
Comment 2 scootergrisen 2019-05-26 13:39:38 CEST
If in xbuntu greybird is the default theme would it not be incorrect to have a theme called "Default"?

I see a theme called greybird-compact.
That one have zero pixels on top to resize and 2 pixels on the other sides.
It seems the top area is not consistent with the other sides.
Should all the sides not have the same amount of resize area?

I see a Style tab both in settings manager > apperance and settings manager > window manager which is a little confusing.
Seems the styles in apperance only changes the colors.

Window Manager .desktop file have this:
Window Manager
Configure window behavior and shortcuts

So it doesnt say i can change the theme.
So if i search for "theme" in appfinder of whisker menu i cant find where to change the theme.
If the .desktop files was using Keywords and Xfce supported it (search in appfinder and whiskermenu etc.) we could add stuff like "theme;" but seems it is not supported.
Comment 3 Theo Linkspfeifer editbugs 2019-05-26 14:06:23 CEST
Why would it be incorrect to call the default xfwm4 theme "Default"? Xubuntu installs a custom configuration which sets a different theme as the selected/active one.

If there is a problem with a specific theme, please contact the according maintainer(s).

Bug 8171 addresses the Appearance / Window Manager settings issue.

Lastly, searching for "theme" does not bring up the "Appearance" entry either.
Comment 4 scootergrisen 2019-05-26 14:46:08 CEST
It seems all the themes i have tested are consistently using a smaller area for the top border then the other borders so i was thinking the problem was not with the themes.
Or would there be a reason to have a smaller area for the top border only?
What setting/file control the resize area in a theme?

As a user i would assume a thing called Default is the one that is select by default with the default system settings when i install the system and have not changed anything.

Like if you have a list of 3 colours you could call them:


Then maybe:
red (default)

Or a button to restore the default setting.

The apperance style tab list have no default so at least the lists are inconsistent in regard of having something called default.

I dont know if the items in apperance style tab list are themes it does not say.
Comment 5 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2019-05-27 08:34:52 CEST
Default xfwm4 theme has 5 pixels borders.

For anything Xubuntu related, please direct your question to the relevant forums, not upstream.
Comment 6 dani 2020-03-31 09:12:56 CEST
>When i hover the cursor at the window border to resize a window there is a very little area that shows the resize cursor to resize >so i have to me overly precise.

>Seems like the top border have 3 pixels and the other borders have 1 pixel area.

>Maybe 3 pixels on all sides would be better.

>Tested in VirtualBox with mouse integration.
>If i turn mouse integration off i cant see the cursor.
>Using Xubuntu.

>xfwm4 version 4.13.2.

Tested in Xubuntu 20.04 
xfwm4 version 4.14.0
Comment 7 dani 2020-03-31 09:15:40 CEST
Screen 2k 2560x1440
Comment 8 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2020-03-31 09:19:42 CEST
The default theme comes in 3 variants, Default, Default-hdpi and Default-xhdpi.

The border width of the default theme in its smallest variant is _5_ pixels.

The HiDPI one is 6 pixels and the xHiDPI is _12_ pixels.

The title height with the default theme is 29 pixels, 43 pixels for the HiDPI variant and 58 in the xHiDPI variant.

All that to say that if Xubuntu changes the theme to something unusable, you might consider changing the theme for the default ones.
Comment 9 dani 2020-03-31 11:42:40 CEST

Default HDPI work fine for me.

Very thanks!!

S.O. Xubuntu 20.04 
xfwm4 version 4.14.0
Screen 2k 2560x1440
Comment 10 dani 2020-04-08 06:50:46 CEST
A detail on this issue.
I installed xubuntu 20.04 and there is no dark HDPI theme.
This would be a feature request for an HDPI dark theme to be added.

Very thanks.
Comment 11 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2020-04-08 08:34:23 CEST
This bug is for upstream, if you want a theme in Xubuntu, you would need to report that in Xubuntu, not here.
Comment 12 dani 2020-04-08 10:42:43 CEST
OK! Sorry.

I send the feature request to list xubuntu devel.

(I don't know if this will be the site to comment on this?)
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