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Firefox FullScreen got troubles


Description Julien Hebert 2005-05-17 00:31:13 CEST
When i use the xfce key to switch to fullscreen mode in Firefox (alt+F11), this
is not the same result of the mozilla firefox fullscreen mode (F11)

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Launch Mozilla Firefox
2. Press ALT+F11
3. Whatch
4. Quit Mozilla Firefox
5. Press F11
6. Watch

Actual Results:  
The results are not same
Comment 1 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2005-05-17 00:37:58 CEST
Why should it be the same?  Xfwm4's fullscreen mode just strips away the window
decorations and resizes the actual window to fit the screen.  Firefox does some
stuff with its internal widgets and then asks the WM to make it full screen. 
The two are unrelated.
Comment 2 Julien Hebert 2005-05-17 00:56:14 CEST
i think this is a good feature for xfce:

if application have a fullscreen mode, llt+F11 run the good fullscreen mode.
if application doent have a fullscreen mode, alt+F11 just remove decorations
Comment 3 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2005-05-17 01:21:19 CEST
No, you're missing the point.  Xfwm4 can't tell the difference, and Olivier is
certainly not adding hacks for special cases.  Leave this closed.

Bug #969

Reported by:
Julien Hebert
Reported on: 2005-05-17
Last modified on: 2009-07-14


Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail)
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