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can't control xfwm4 with wmctrl any more


Description Roland Latour 2012-12-02 17:12:22 CET
Using XFCE 4.10 under Salix-64. Downloaded, compiled, installed wmctrl from sourceforge. It runs without complaints, but won't control or report on any windows. For an example that works under XFCE 4.8 but not 4.10. see shellscript at http://user.cavenet.com/rolandl/timer.txt. I renamed the script because the crappy MS server provided by my ISP won't serve a file called 'timer'. I dunno why. From 'man wmctrl': "...can be used to interact with an X Window manager that is compatible with the EWMH/NetWM specification." Is this no longer true for xfwm4 under XFCE 4.10 ?
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2012-12-02 20:25:16 CET
No reason for this, nothing has changed in xfwm4 regarding EWMH support.
Comment 2 Roland Latour 2012-12-08 23:55:45 CET
Installed Xubuntu12.10 w/XFCE 4.10, installed wmctrl from repository, could not confirm this problem. So I guess it's a Salix problem. How did that happen?
OK to close, I guess.

Bug #9573

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Roland Latour
Reported on: 2012-12-02
Last modified on: 2020-05-21


Olivier Fourdan
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