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Mouse lag while window compositing is enabled.


Description Chris Jordan 2012-11-06 03:40:20 CET
Enabling window compositing causes laggy mouse movement when compositing is enabled. General desktop use has a slight but bearable lag to mouse movement, however certain applications cause the problem to become a magnitude worse (like moving the mouse through treacle) but only while the mouse is in the windows limits. Once I move my cursor outside the window, it begins to move at its regular speed.

Below are few examples of applications that cause this issue:

* Large flash player windows in firefox such as a "popped out" youtube video
  which has been maximized (note problem only occurs over the embedded flash
  element, not the entire firefox window)
* Maximised VLC windows
* Tiles mode dungeon crawl stone soup (crawl-tiles package)
* FTL (http://www.ftlgame.com/)

While it's possible that this is a hardware/driver related issue, my PC has quite decent specs. 3.0ghz i7, 12gb ram and amd 5850 gpu.

I will gladly provide further information to help isolate the issue.


Chris Jordan
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2012-11-06 08:42:49 CET
Compositing relies on Xrender, so maybe the video driver is causing this, I don;t know, but that's not a bug in xfwm4.

If your hardware does not support compositing, disable compositing. The use of a compositor is by no way mandatory, that's why it's optional in xfwm4.
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Bug #9465

Reported by:
Chris Jordan
Reported on: 2012-11-06
Last modified on: 2020-05-29


Olivier Fourdan
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