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Not only new mails are printed with Thunderbird mailboxes


Description Bernhard Walle 2005-05-06 18:16:32 CEST
With Thunderbird, not only new mails are printed as new but all mails in a
mailbox. It's easy to determine the new status using the X-Mozilla-Status line.
There's a webpage about this
http://www.eyrich-net.org/mozilla/X-Mozilla-Status.html (only German). If you
need some things translated, drop a note.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
Comment 1 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2005-05-06 18:29:29 CEST
Sorry, but I'm not understanding what this bug is about.  Could you please
describe how you're using the plugin?  I'm not sure how it has anything to do
with Thunderbird, and I really don't want MUA-specific code in the plugin.

(Btw, I guess they actually have their website set up correctly, because that
page showed up in English for me ^_~.)
Comment 2 Bernhard Walle 2005-05-06 18:40:34 CEST
I use Thunderbird with normal (i.e. not IMAP) mailboxes. It's normal mbox format
with "From" beginning each message.

I expect the mailwatch plugin to show only new messages and not old messages
that have been marked as read in the MUA. Even if I delete a message,
Thunderbird doesn't delete it in the mailbox but only marks it as deleted. Only
if I click "Compress folders", it deletes the from the mbox.

That behaviour is normal, other MUAs do the same. Only Mutt deletes the message
instantly, resulting in a poor performance if changing mailboxes. 

I think you can't avoid reading out X-Mozilla-Status if the plugin should be
really good. Read the code of Gkrellm (which has a good mailchecker plugin),
they do it, too. X-Mozilla-Status hasn't changed across Netscape 4.x, Mozilla,

I hope I described the problem good so that you know what I mean.
Comment 3 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2005-05-06 19:07:03 CEST
Yes, I understand now.  But I don't think this is an intended use-case for the
plugin.  Pasi wrote the mbox support, so it's up to him if he wants to support
the mozilla-specific flags.

Pasi, feel free to reassign this to yourself if you want, or resolve it WONTFIX
if you don't think this makes sense to implement.
Comment 4 Bernhard Walle 2005-05-06 19:10:33 CEST
Well, without fixing this always new messages are displayed if old messages are
in the mailbox. So the plugin would be useless with Thunderbird.
Comment 5 Pasi Orovuo 2005-05-07 11:58:13 CEST
The request is really MUA-specific, but seems quite trivial to implement so I'll
look into it.
Comment 6 Bernhard Walle 2005-05-07 12:32:29 CEST
Of course, it is. But is there a standard method for marking unread and read
mail?   Just for interest.
Comment 7 Pasi Orovuo 2005-05-08 11:27:51 CEST
Well no, not that I know of. But RFC 2076 does mention "Status:" header as
non-standard, but it seems quite commonly used by most MUAs.
Comment 8 Bernhard Walle 2005-05-08 17:17:47 CEST
Created attachment 224 
X-Mozilla-Status patch
Comment 9 Bernhard Walle 2005-05-08 17:18:09 CEST
That works here very well.
Comment 10 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2005-05-09 09:09:25 CEST
Patch from Pasi for X-Mozilla-Status committed.  Reopen if it doesn't work properly.

Bug #942

Reported by:
Bernhard Walle
Reported on: 2005-05-06
Last modified on: 2011-02-26


Pasi Orovuo
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1 user


1.1.0 or older
Target Milestone:
1.1.0 or older


X-Mozilla-Status patch (679 bytes, patch)
2005-05-08 17:17 CEST , Bernhard Walle
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