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Please increase screen "edge width" for tiling triggering or make it configur...


Description arian 2012-08-31 13:08:59 CEST
Firstly, thanks for adding the tiling feature to xfwm :) 

When windows are dragged towards an edge of a screen, they are tiled. The distance towards the screen edge from that on tiling triggers is what I mean by edge width. I think currently edge width is fixed at two or three pixels. With a simple configuration, this is not a problen since you can drag the mouse pointer as hard against an edge as you want, it will just stay there. But that does not hold anymore when one either has multihead, /xfwm4/wrap_windows or /xfwm4/wrap_workspaces. Then it's quite tricky to achieve the right position. So please increase the edge with to 10-15 or make it configurable
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Bug #9252

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