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Xfce4-volumed opens two notify-osd windows when scrolling on the indicator icon


Description Roman 2012-07-13 00:43:30 CEST
Xfce's indicator applet plugin, and the gtk2-based sound indicator and using the scroll wheel on the volume bar pops up two NotifyOSD notifications instead of one. I attached a screenshot.

Worth noting is that everything works as expected when clicking on the icon and changing the audio that way or using my notebook's audio controls - the problem only occurs when using the mouse wheel with the mouse on top of the icon, having not clicked it.

Uninstalling xfce4-volumed "fixes" this issue, but of course doesn't let me use my media keys on my notebook.
Comment 1 Roman 2012-07-13 00:51:01 CEST
It's not allowing me to upload the screenshot, I think, so here it is: http://imgur.com/mjNE2
Comment 2 AG Restringere 2012-07-25 14:24:23 CEST
Roman, I have had a similar problem, it may be a good idea to merge these two bug/issues: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9136.

My take on this is that if the user is changing volume directly or any item directly from the indicator plugins that there shouldn't be any pop up notifications at all because this is not how it's done in Mac OS X or Windows.  In Mac OS X the most you get are notifications if you hit keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys such as volume or brightness. This makes XFCE look messy and not as refined...

The text of the bug report is as follows:
Version: 4.10 XFCE
Distro: Xubuntu (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)
Specific: Volume Controls...

There are two ways of adjusting audio volume or muting audio in Xubuntu:  

The first is to use keyboard shortcut keys similar to how is done with the Mac OS.  When I use the shortcut keys on my keyboard to adjust or mute the audio volume I get these great indicator pop-ups that tell me that I have changed the volume.  

The second method of changing the audio volume or muting it is to use the mouse and click on the volume indicator directly, this brings up a small drop down with a volume control or mute control.  When I adjust volume with the mouse this way the volume indicator still generates a notification alert! This is redundant because a user who has changed the volume or muted the audio via the panel with the mouse doesn't need an indicator to show what level they just set the volume at.  This makes the panel appear as if it is malfunctioning and does not look good.
Comment 3 Roman 2012-07-26 18:28:00 CEST
I have found the solution, it all results from a dconf setting. If you use the dconf-editor (part of the dconf-tools package) you'll find an entry in com --> canonical --> indicator --> sound called "show-notify-on-scroll" which you should uncheck (set to false) and that seems to fix it.
Comment 4 AG Restringere 2012-07-27 05:21:19 CEST
Roman, tried that and nothing happened.  In fact the problem is even worse now because there are three duplicate indicators when I used the mouse wheel and now this is normal...problems getting worse..
Comment 5 AG Restringere 2012-07-27 05:36:16 CEST
Had to completely disable and kill xfce4-volumed because of this...
Comment 6 Steve Dodier-Lazaro editbugs 2014-05-01 01:27:34 CEST
This is a notify-osd bug. This is not a bug related to xfce4-volumed. In fact in xfce4-volumed I create and keep a single notification, update it and show it. Notification servers implementing the proprietary Canonical sound gauge should update their single sound notification rather than create multiple bubbles. Can this bug please be marked as invalid? Thanks.
Comment 7 Nick Schermer editbugs 2014-12-03 09:19:41 CET
Close bug reports of archived products.

Bug #9104

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