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Windows dragged and moved by simple left-click


Description pinjoh541 2012-06-03 18:14:59 CEST
At various (seemingly random) times during a session, a window will suddenly jump and start moving when all I've done is left-clicked on it with the mouse to make it the active window. It will behave as though I've held down the Alt key in order to move a window, but I haven't touched the Alt key. To stop the window from moving with the mouse, I click again, then I usually need to move the window back where I want it by the intentional methods (i.e., dragging by the title bar or pressing and holding the Alt then dragging the window).

It has happened if I've clicked on the title bar and also when I've clicked somewhere in the window.

This has happened on several PCs, including a Dell laptop, a Toshiba laptop and a whitebox desktop PC, all running Xubuntu 12.04 LTS with xfwm4, version 4.8.3.
Comment 1 Roger Booth 2012-06-25 04:44:57 CEST
I was all set to create a bug, then I found this, so mine is a duplicate. Don't know if any of this is helping or not, but I wrote it all out, so might as well copy it here...

I am having a problem with xfce. Several times a day, when I happen to left-mouse-click on a window,  the cursor changes to an upright hand facing away from me with fingers folded. The cursor remains in the place where I clicked. This particular time, when I made these notes, the cursor happened to be about mid-screen both horizontally and vertically. The clicked-on window snapped to a new location down and to the right of its original. Now the top of the window was even with the cursor and the left edge of the window was half way between the cursor and the right edge of the screen.

As I moved the mouse to the right, the window moved to the right, staying the same distance from the cursor, until the window almost disappeared. All that was left was a vertical sliver wide enough to see the icon in the top-left corner.

After that, moving the cursor left and right moved the cursor closer to and further from the window. Moving the mouse up and down moved both the window and the cursor up and down. Moving the mouse far enough left caused the window to start moving to the left, resuming its original spacing from the cursor.

When I moved the mouse to the right far enough so that the cursor began to leave the screen, the displayed screen switched from screen 1 to screen 2, the window was mostly visible in the right two thirds of screen 2 (minus a vertical slice wide enough for the three icons minimize, normalize and fullscreen), and the cursor was visible nearly at the left edge of the window.

I repeated moving the mouse to the right with the same reaction. First the window tracked the cursor until only the left sliver was visible, then only the cursor moved, then the screen changed to screen 3. I repeatedly moved the mouse to the right until both cursor and window were back in screen 1.

Clicking the left mouse button turned the cursor back to normal and I could drag the window back to its original position and try to remember what I was doing when all this happened.

Another time, I noticed that I got into the problem scenario in a slightly different way. Instead of the problem happening when I clicked on the window, the problem happened as I was moving a scroll bar. I had clicked on the scroll bar's thumb, and held the left mouse button down as I moved the mouse up. During the movement, at first, the window scrolled as expected. Then the cursor-change window-snap thing happened, as described.

My configuration is Ubuntu 12-04 with xfce4. I did not install Xubuntu; instead, I installed Ubuntu and then switched to xfce.
    sudo apt-get install menu
    sudo apt-get install xfce4

    rbooth@houston:~$ xfwm4 --version
        This is xfwm4 version 4.8.3 (revision 360ccf2) for Xfce 4.8
        Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
        Compiled against GTK+-2.24.8, using GTK+-2.24.10.

        Build configuration and supported features:
        - Startup notification support:                Yes
        - XSync support:                                     Yes
        - Render support:                                    Yes
        - Xrandr support:                                    Yes
        - Embedded compositor:                        Yes/
        - KDE systray proxy (deprecated):         No

I switched to xfce because I don't want to use Unity or Gnome3. I didn't use Xubuntu because I wanted the full-sized apps, plus I found issues with Xubuntu. I have more reasons, but this is getting off topic.

I have tried a suggestion I googled. I created a folder ~/xfce4 and created the file xfwm4rc with the single line easy_click=false
Didn't help.

 Roger Booth
Comment 2 Andrzej editbugs 2012-06-25 12:38:58 CEST
Possibly a related issue - it is possible to move a window by clicking on a menu bar of Gtk applications (e.g. gnome-terminal, Terminal). Reproducible: always. Qt apps seem unaffected.

Occasionally, clicking quickly (a click with a slight mouse slip), causes the window to "stick" to the pointer, and follow it even though the mouse button is released. It usually happens when the user clicks on the area of window, which is insensitive to left mouse button, e.g. the menu, or an empty area in evince.

Ubuntu 12.04, I've seen this also on 11.10. Xfce 4.10 from git.
Comment 3 Evangelos Foutras 2012-08-08 16:31:48 CEST
Duplicate of https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8949 ?
Comment 4 Git Bot editbugs 2020-05-29 11:50:29 CEST
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