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Edges of screen should not be dead pixels!


Description Thomas M. Hinkle 2005-04-02 20:32:31 CEST
By default, all edges of the screen are dead in XFCE. Also, the default panel
location (in the center) wastes the usefulness of corners.
Sensitizing the very edge of the screen enables much faster navigation with the
mouse, as I can just throw the mouse to a corner and get the icon I want.
Ideally, the main menu should default to being in one of the four corners, with
the corner pixel actually active.
The simpler, immediate fix (which wouldn't interfere with current aesthetic
choices) would be to make the edges of the taskbar and of the panel sensitive so
that throwing the mouse to the bottom or top of the screen allows you to select
icons on these two panels.
Comment 1 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2005-04-02 20:58:39 CEST
Assuming I'm understanding what you mean by "the edges are dead", the panel and
taskbar in CVS already allow you to click buttons with the mouse at the extreme
edge of the screen.

As for default panel placement, that's an homage to CDE, which Xfce is somewhat
loosely based on (looser by the day, I suppose).

(By the way, there's no "simple" fix to the dead edges problem.  You either have
to implement somewhat-complex event forwarding code to foward mouse clicks to
the buttons, or you have to remove all border and padding around the buttons,
which some people think looks ugly.  I believe Jasper opted for the latter
Comment 2 Thomas M. Hinkle 2005-04-02 22:52:55 CEST
You have indeed understood what I meant by the edges being dead -- I'm glad to
hear the fix is in CVS. I assumed the solution would be simple because the GNOME
panel has handled this for a while now -- so I figured it must be doable with
the underlying GTK toolkit stuff.
I guess I was write about the default center positioning -- again, not a big
deal since it's configurable. 
Though I would like to be able to make the panel grow to be as wide as my screen
(otherwise it looks kind of funny if you align it left or right rather than
center) -- and I'd like to get rid of the grippies on the panel so that the menu
could be at the absolute corner of the screen (right now the left-hand pixels
allow me to grab and move the panel; the actual button for my menu is a bit to
the right).
All minor details -- thanks for great software. xfce makes a gtk-based interface
usable and snappy on my old machine (the full GNOME desktop, while beautiful,
can drag to a halt pretty fast!).

Bug #888

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Thomas M. Hinkle
Reported on: 2005-04-02
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