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Make label orientation follow the panel orientation (mode)


Description Andrzej editbugs 2012-01-17 15:58:26 CET
In new (4.9+) panels there are two vertical modes, one with horizontal and one with vertical plugins.

Orage plugin should rotate its labels 270 in the vertical panel mode to match the look of other plugins.
Comment 1 Andrzej editbugs 2012-01-17 16:01:25 CET
Created attachment 4106 
A patch implementing this feature.

It should work with xfce panels 4.8+ (version checking was added in 4.8).
Comment 2 Andrzej editbugs 2012-01-17 17:31:12 CET
Created attachment 4107 
The same patch + centering labels in wide panels.

This patch consists of two commits:

1. A commit that implements the feature described in this bug report.
2. An unrelated (sorry) fix of over-spread labels in wide panels.

   When I place a two-line orage plugin in a wide horizontal panel, the labels
   expand to fill the whole width of the panel. This is rather ugly and
   not very readable. The fix (2) places all labels in another vbox which
   puts them near the center line of the panel and preserves their normal spacing.
Comment 3 juha editbugs 2012-01-18 08:08:41 CET
Ok, thanks for the fix, but this needs to wait until I create 4.9 or 4.10 version of Orage, which may take while.

Current 4.8 is still compatible with 4.6 Xfce, which does not have the version check macro.
Comment 4 Andrzej editbugs 2012-01-19 17:55:06 CET
Created attachment 4112 
Label rotation and centering, should work with v.4.6

I've modified the conditional. It should now work with versions < 4.8.0 too.
Comment 5 juha editbugs 2014-09-22 15:08:00 CEST
Ok, this is now available in git version 4.11.1.
It works manually though, so it is not automatic.

Bug #8351

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