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datetime-plugin allows no empty fields


Description Markus Plessing 2005-03-07 10:24:17 CET
I use the datetime-plugin more than one time, to split different 
information by a separator ( e.g. Week of Year, date )

After the last update (now I'm using Xfce Version 4.0.6) e.g. the datetime 
plugin was only used to show the Week of Year (Date was "KW %U") and Time 
was left blank, but after xfce was restartet the time-field was set back to its
standard values (%H:%M).

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. set a inputfield of datetime-plugin to blank
2. restart xfce
3. the inputfields, which was left blank are set back to standard values

Actual Results:  
The fields which has been left blank to be unvisible, are shown again.

Expected Results:  
Save the empty values and hide the blank fields as it has done before.
Comment 1 Markus Plessing 2005-03-08 07:08:55 CET
If the field which is wanted to be empty is filled with a space, the 
standard values are not filled back in.
This makes this bug more trivial, and is only a matter of nice formatting ...
Comment 2 Choe Hwanjin 2005-03-09 05:58:48 CET
I suggest that you use spaces for empty format.
Anyway, I thought that if the user delete whole format string, program should
reset the format string to the default value. But now I don't.
How about make a button in preference window which explicitly reset the format
to the default values?
Comment 3 Markus Plessing 2005-03-09 07:20:38 CET
Adding a "reset"-button to the preferences window is a appropriate
solution I think. +1
Comment 4 juha editbugs 2006-06-04 20:30:40 CEST
fixed in 4.4
Comment 5 juha editbugs 2006-06-04 20:32:17 CEST
can be done with orage-clock in 4.4

Bug #827

Reported by:
Markus Plessing
Reported on: 2005-03-07
Last modified on: 2010-11-09


Diego Ongaro
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