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Letters overlap in terminal


Description Todd 2011-06-07 22:25:07 CEST

Scientific Linux 6.0 x64

Problem: "Terminal's" letters will overlap every so often.  The overlap is always the same column.  It is like two letters occupy the same space, then a long blank space to the right.  This both when I am typing and when results are displayed.  The problem exists with every font and font size.

The sample preview block when you are selecting different fonts does not have this problem. No other program has this problem either.

Many thanks,
Comment 1 Todd 2011-06-11 02:47:02 CEST
Created attachment 3726 
overlapping letters example

A picture is worth a thousand words.   I have attach some text for you to look at.

Interesting.  The problem seems to be only with certain letters.  And I was wrong, the problem does not follow columns, but rather certain letters.

Comment 2 Todd 2011-06-21 01:21:16 CEST
Hi All,

Came up with a work around that should shed some light on the problem:

   "yum install nautilus-open-terminal"

After installing nautilus-open-terminal, all the overlap problems went away.  (And, Help, About still says Terminal is Terminal 0.4.7, not nautilus-open-terminal. So I did not mix the two up.)

Comment 3 Mark Trompell 2011-06-23 00:33:37 CEST
>    "yum install nautilus-open-terminal"

So what addidional package did nautilus-open-terminal pull in?
Comment 4 Todd 2011-06-24 04:56:43 CEST
Hi Mark,

I do believe you have figured out the problem.  Xfce Terminal has no dependencies:

       $ rpm -qa \*Terminal\*

       $ yum --disablerepo=\* --enablerepo=epel deplist Terminal 
       Finding dependencies: 

But nautilus-open-terminal does:

       $ rpm -qa \*terminal\*

       $ yum deplist terminal
       Finding dependencies: 
       package: nautilus-open-terminal.x86_64 0.17-3.el6
         dependency: libgdk-x11-2.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libc.so.6()(64bit)
         dependency: rtld(GNU_HASH)
         dependency: libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.2.5)(64bit)
         dependency: libpango-1.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libstartup-notification-1.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libgmodule-2.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libcairo.so.2()(64bit)
         dependency: libfontconfig.so.1()(64bit)
         dependency: libglib-2.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libpangoft2-1.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libgio-2.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libatk-1.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: /bin/sh
         dependency: libfreetype.so.6()(64bit)
         dependency: libpangocairo-1.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libgconf-2.so.4()(64bit)
         dependency: libgobject-2.0.so.0()(64bit)
         dependency: libgnome-desktop-2.so.11()(64bit)
         dependency: libnautilus-extension.so.1()(64bit)

Would any of these, if missing, cause the systems I reported?

Comment 5 Nick Schermer editbugs 2011-06-24 07:46:18 CEST
Going to close this, figure out in the fedora bugtracker what's wrong here. Report back if the problem is related to terminal itself.
Comment 6 Todd 2011-06-24 08:09:04 CEST
Hi Nick,

I am confused.  I thought dependencies were included in the "make" compiler function.  That there was a spec file or some such that looked for dependencies before it would let you could start your compile.  And, that these were also included in the SRPMS.  Did the RPM roller forget to include them?  Or, are they missing from the makefile?  If a dependency is missing, should we not start looking in the makefile?

Also, why fedora?  I reported this against Scientific Linux 6 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 clone).  To verify, I just fired up my virtual Fedora Core 15 Xfce spin 64 bit and Terminal 0.4.7 does not have this problem.

So, I am confused as to why you are closing this.  Please elucidate.

Many thanks,
Comment 7 Nick Schermer editbugs 2011-06-24 08:13:34 CEST
Because you are using fedora packages, but I don't mind where you report this.

Terminal does check for the correct dependencies and it will definitely find them during compilation, but you use precompiled packages, so in that case the deps are pulled by the distro (basic stuff is probably there, else it wouldn't start, but maybe some missing font lib is possible).
Comment 8 Todd 2011-06-24 09:21:40 CEST
Hi Nick,

Okay I get it.  the roller of the RPMS I am using from EPEL got them from Fedora.  And he forget to include the dependencies.

If you are of a mind to, it would help in my bug report to him to let him know what the dependencies should be.  Can you point me to or tell how to figure this out?

Many thanks,
Comment 9 Todd 2011-07-21 23:06:34 CEST
Hi Guys,

This was troubleshoot and correct by Stephen over on

> Ok found the problem/fix. Terminals require a mono-font for the text to work,
> but none are installed. Doing an install of dejavu-sans-mono-fonts fixed the
> layout issue. I would say for RHEL-6 it needs to be made a dependency but a
> longer term issue would be a
> Provides:font(mono) 
> or something that would be in the various font files."

Is this dependency something you should include in your make file?

Comment 10 Nick Schermer editbugs 2011-08-26 21:47:58 CEST
No not possible.

Bug #7706

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