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new dialog boxes split between monitors on dual headed display


Description Jeffrey Forman 2005-02-06 17:24:50 CET
I have a dual headed display (2x21" 1600x1200 LCD's) and when I click on new
dialog boxes, such as the settings window, it gets split between the monitors. I
can obviously drag it from one to the other, but some logic on part of the WM
would be excellent so that this doesn't happen. Suggested by bcowan to file this
bug, as he is the maintaner of the xfce packages for gentoo.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:

Here is a shot of what I mean, notice the settings manager is split between the

Running Twinview with Xinerama (xinarama is a prerequisite for twinview, it
makes one big display of 3200x1200)
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2005-02-06 17:58:55 CET
Of course, there is such a logic in the window manager. 

The problem is therefore not with xfwm4, but with libxfcegui4, and more
precisely xfce_gtk_window_center_on_monitor_with_pointer() that breaks the WM
mechanism by moving the window afterwards...
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2005-02-06 18:15:00 CET
what version of gtk+ are you using?
Comment 3 Jeffrey Forman 2005-02-07 04:25:17 CET
jforman@sixthstreet jforman $ emerge -vp gtk+
These are the packages that I would merge, in order:
Calculating dependencies ...done!
[ebuild   R   ] x11-libs/gtk+-2.4.14  -debug -doc +jpeg +tiff 9,440 kB

thats the gtk+ i have installed with the use flags for gentoo friendly dev's on
Comment 4 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2005-02-08 21:59:29 CET
I've set up Xinerama over Xdmx between my workstation and my laptop (1280x1024 +
1280x800) and it works just fine, I'm really not seeing what you describe, the
dialog is centered on the screen where the mouse resides (ie the "active" screen)

The point is there is code in both the WM and the dialog itself to avoid that,
so it's a bit confusing.

Are you sure GTK is build with Xinerama support?
Comment 5 Jeffrey Forman 2005-02-09 13:50:57 CET

This looks like a Twinview issue. If enabling xinerama and NOT twinview, it
works as expected. But if one enables twinview, it "binds" both monitors
together into one big 3200x1200, so the middle of the combined screen is the
gutter between the monitors. Completely a configuration minority case on my part.


Bug #758

Reported by:
Jeffrey Forman
Reported on: 2005-02-06
Last modified on: 2009-07-14


Olivier Fourdan
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