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Compositor "goes haywire" with the newest ATI drivers (8.8.25) and Xorg 6.8


Description Ryan Lynch 2005-01-19 06:23:51 CET
When using the newest ATI drivers (8.8.25) and Xorg 6.8, the compositor creates
a number of graphics glitches.  The pager does not appear to switch between
desktops, however applications from all desktops seem to appear at once, with no
ability to switch between programs.  the XFCE menu shows only a grey background
and does not render contents (as does the quit XFCE prompt).  Resizing a window
creates artifacts that do not dissapear from the screen, as does any other
action.  What it appears to me is happening, is that XFWM is not refreshing the
screen, anything that is shows up on the screen just stays there, and is never
erased.  This problem does not occur in Xorg 6.8 with the built in radeon drivers.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Required software versions: XFCE 4.2 ; ATI closed source drivers for Xorg
8.8.25 ; Xorg 6.8.0 r3
2. Load the fglrx kernel module (ATI driver)
3. Configure Xorg to use the fglrx display driver (ATI Driver)
4. Configure Xorg to load the compositor and render extentsions
5. start XFCE 4.2

Actual Results:  
I experienced the same graphics glitches each time, then would start to occur
just as the XFCE splashscreen reported the loading the window manager.

Graphics Card; ATI Radeon r350 [9800 Pro]
Comment 1 Ryan Lynch 2005-01-19 06:26:52 CET
I'm also using Gentoo 2004.3 with the gentoo-dev-sources 2.6.10-r5 kernel,
forgot to include that in the relevent information.
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2005-01-19 19:57:01 CET
Xfce has nothing to do with X drivers, being open sourced or closed source.
Comment 3 Ryan Lynch 2005-01-19 21:38:33 CET
I know that XFCE has nothing to do with the development of ATI's drivers, but 
this is a problem that I'm having in XFCE and only in XFCE.  I doubt that ATI 
or Xorg would be interested in a problem that occurs in XFCE, they would say 
the same thing that you did, its not our problem.  So I'm glad to hear that my 
problem is nobodys responsibility, and certainly not yours, despite the fact it 
occurs only with the XFWM compositor (I mean who on earth would be concerned 
with the usablity of their software).  I mean nobody uses XFCE, Xorg 6.8, and 
ATI cards right (heavy sarcasm), but I guess there will be less now.  I'm so 
glad that you devoted so much time to my problem (heavier sarcasm), despite the 
fact that it has the potential to greatly reduce the usability of XFCE for a 
large segment of users.  Thank you ever so much.
Comment 4 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2005-01-20 06:43:57 CET
Such sarcasm will drive you nowhere. If the compositor doesn't work with ATI,
disable the compositor.

The compositing manager is *disabled* by default, if you enable it and get in
trouble with a closed source driver, don't complain to me.
Comment 5 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2005-01-20 07:30:25 CET
Please have a look at the relevant documentation (included in xfwm4 sources):


Particularily the "trouble shooting" section.
Comment 6 Ryan Lynch 2005-01-20 14:27:12 CET
I did read that, and the fact of the matter is, this bug does not occur with 
the compositor of, and it does not occur with the xorgs composite manager (I 
tried to reproduce the bug in other WM/DE's).  I understand that the compositor 
is beta software, and I wasn't posting this bug expecting a quick fix.  I 
simply hoped that this bug would be considered in the development of the next 
release of XFCE.  I really think that XFCE is a great desktop environment, and 
I would like to be able to use the compositor in some later release.  I simply 
thought that developers would be interested in hearing about bugs that are 
isolated to their software, particularly when there in beta type software thats 
still in development.  Its always going to be beta software unless bugs are 
fully considered.  The fact of the matter is that a lot of people use ATI 
drivers, and if those same people would like to use XFCE's compositor to give 
their cards a workout, then some bugs will need to be fixed.  I regret the tone 
I took earlier, I was simply trying to give back to a desktop environment that 
has given me so much, and was dissapointed with your response of resolved 
invalid.  The problem is now I fully expect to compile the next version of XFCE 
and see the same problem occur.  I guess when that happens, I'll file another 
bug report, and see if the problem is given a better viewing then.
Comment 7 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2005-01-21 06:43:45 CET
np, you may try with the current CVS (at least 1 compositor related bug has been

You can get a tarball here:

Bug #721

Reported by:
Ryan Lynch
Reported on: 2005-01-19
Last modified on: 2009-07-14


Olivier Fourdan
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