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Alternative mouse pointer behavior when wrapping workspace


Description Tobias Winterhalter 2011-01-11 20:29:49 CET
Hi! After a workspace wrap, the pointer is warped to the opposite edge of the screen, giving you the impression that you moved into the adjacent workspace. In my opinion, this has two minor disadvantages:
- The jumping pointer is sometimes confusing. (Where is it?)
- If you want to move in one direction across several workspaces you need quite some space (or you have to lift the mouse from the table.)

I prefer an alternative behavior: Only the workspace wraps, the pointer stays where it is (or moves only a little bit away from the edge.) This way, the pointer remains where you know it is and it is fairly easy to wrap several workspaces in one direction.

I guess, it's a matter of taste. Anyway, I implemented this for me in 4.6.2 (Xubuntu 10.10) and added an option to the tweaks dialog to be able to choose between the two flavors.

If anybody is interested, I could post the diff or port the changes to a development version.
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Bug #7085

Reported by:
Tobias Winterhalter
Reported on: 2011-01-11
Last modified on: 2020-05-29


Olivier Fourdan
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