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Shortcuts to move windows to corners/edges of screen. (Compiz's Grid Plugin)


Description Rob 2010-12-14 20:51:05 CET
Compiz's grid plugin is great. With a few keypresses, you can arrange your windows such that you can fix six or four windows tiled on the screen. 

Basically, hitting a certain key combination takes the focused window and moves it to the top right corner of your screen, automatically resized so that it is 1/3 as wide as your screen and 1/2 as tall as your screen. If you hit the same key combo again, it changes its width to 1/2 as wide as your screen. Etc, for other corners.

Xfwm4 doesn't even need something that fancy. Maybe more like Openbox's MoveToEdgeSouth, MoveToEdgeWest, MoveToCenter, etc. Just so we can quickly move our windows to screen edges/corners.
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Bug #6992

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