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auto complete dose not allow typing full name


Description bugzilla 2010-11-10 20:22:46 CET
Hey! Thanks for the great project! This Bug really bugs me ;) Quick scenario: Lets assume if already run `firefox`. I type "fi" and there is only firefox starting with "fi" under the commands that can be auto completed, so xfrun4 does so. I do not look at my screen and go on typing. The result would be "firefoxrefox". Bug is obvious. Expected: let me go on typing while propose the completed command but marked (so that i will overwrite it on further inputs). This was the behavior in earlier versions. Thanks!
Comment 1 Lionel Le Folgoc 2011-01-03 11:15:10 CET
*** Bug 7053 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 2 Jérôme Guelfucci editbugs 2011-01-13 00:15:21 CET
In fact, this was a bug in xfce4-settings-helper clipboard management which should be fixed now.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 6819 ***
Comment 3 bugzilla 2011-09-16 15:55:48 CEST
It actually was fixed, but it reappeared in 4.8.2
Comment 4 Mike Massonnet editbugs 2012-01-30 11:50:42 CET
Don't reopen a bug marked as duplicated.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 6819 ***

Bug #6804

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Reported on: 2010-11-10
Last modified on: 2012-01-30
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  • 7053 Auto-completion reacts too automatically (resulting in things like "firefoxrefox")


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