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Plugin untranslatable, uncompilable, uninstallable


Description Fabian Nowak editbugs 2010-05-16 09:36:57 CEST

few months ago when translating the plugins, I skipped the cpufreq plugin because it wouldn't compile.

The reason for not compiling is that the underscore for gettext wasn't declared/defined because of missing includes.

However, when translating, there were not many strings shown translatedly and there was an ugly space at the left side.

First problem was solved by adding missing files to POTFILES.in and also changig the XDT_I18N line in configure.ac to use the content of LINGUAS.

The undisplayed icon is due to not adhering to gtk_image_new_from_icon(name, Icon_size_enumeration_index) but using a pixel value instead. This is fixed by using -1 for scaling automatically given size constraints by the panel.

Finally, in the configure dialogs I changed the icon GtkIconSizefrom properties to the cpu icon in order to make the dialog belong to the plugin. There might have been a discussion on what might be better on the wikis and mailing lists a long time ago, anyway the properties icon doesn't help such dialogs.

Finally, I clicked onto the icon because from translation onl yI knew there were more files and strings. This dialog was completely squeezed and compressed, I gave it a quick liberation by gtk_packing with padding 8 instead of 0, now the dialog looks much less compressed.

Sorry for doing all that in one flght, but I don't have the time to split all this stuff.
Comment 1 Fabian Nowak editbugs 2010-05-16 09:37:43 CEST
Created attachment 2976 
Patch for icon display, more spaces in dialogs, correct translation configuration
Comment 2 Florian Rivoal editbugs 2010-12-29 17:55:36 CET
I split this patch into smaller pieces, and applied these that were still needed.

Thanks for submitting.

Bug #6448

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Fabian Nowak
Reported on: 2010-05-16
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Thomas Schreck
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