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unfocus all windows at workspace change


Description andrew james 2010-04-28 18:13:54 CEST
relates to xfce compositor, create a switch (in the dialog near switches 'focus model')

switch is 'unfocus all windows when workspace is changed'.  that switch most complements 'focus follows mouse'

the use case is, for example, 

compositor has value 'opacity of inactive windows ~80% in slider', and opacity of active window is not same as inactive window.  thus the focused, active, window is visually unique to unfocused, inactive, window)

in workspace #1, a window is focused.  then change to workspace #2, then change to workspace #1.  the original frame is focused, perhaps as expected.

except, this is useful until the switch in 'focus model' is 'focus follows mouse'.  then, for example, if the pointer was moved in workspace #1, then at change to workspace #2 if the pointer is at another window both the 'original' window and the other really focused active window are composed at the value opacity of a 'focused window'. 

when two windows have the same opacity the result is uneffective as a visual statement of which window has focus (ignoring the pointer as a visual statement)...thus confusion.  

this is a small problem, the proposed solution is to add a switch in 'window manager settings' 'unfocus all windows when workspace is changed'

i am interested to help with this work

thank you
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Bug #6418

Reported by:
andrew james
Reported on: 2010-04-28
Last modified on: 2020-05-29


Olivier Fourdan
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