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Snap to Desktop-Border instead of Screen-Border


Description michael.postmann 2004-01-06 19:50:41 CET
I want the Panel to act as in KDE, Windows and others to stay allways on top
and full-screen windows not to be behind the panel. So I limited the
DesktopSize in the Settings. But now windows snap to the Screen-Border and not
to the Desktop-Border or both.
Comment 1 Jasper Huijsmans editbugs 2004-07-15 17:26:35 CEST
Windows do snap to other windows including the panel, so I think that should
work well enough.
Comment 2 michael.postmann 2004-07-19 09:26:14 CEST
They don't snap at my computer....so either the setting for it is wrong (where
is it?) or there is something going wrong.....
Comment 3 Jasper Huijsmans editbugs 2004-07-20 09:10:16 CEST
There is a setting in the advanced tab of the window manager settings dialog, I
Comment 4 michael.postmann 2004-07-20 10:19:58 CEST
Yes there is....but when this setting is active
1) Windows snap to each other (which is ok)
2) Windows don't snap to the panel
3) Windows don't snap to the virtual desktop-border

So there are two problems:
1) Snaping to panel doesn't work
2) Snaping to desktop-border doesn't work
Comment 5 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-07-20 10:34:48 CEST
1) Snapping works with windows of the same layer, if the panel is on an upper
of lower layer, then snapping won't ocur. This is not a bug, it's a feature.

2) There is no such "virtual desktop-border", ther eare margins, and I don't
think snapping to margins is suitable.
Comment 6 Jasper Huijsmans editbugs 2004-10-27 12:50:27 CEST
Unless I'm very much mistaken, this is a WONTFIX issue.

Bug #64

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