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Cannot jump between desktops via keyboard shortcuts while moving a window


Description yaxu 2010-01-17 19:51:13 CET
I appreciate that windows can be moved between virtual desktops by dragging them off the side of the screen.  

However, other window managers allow me to do the following:
 1/ start moving a window, e.g. by dragging the title bar
 2/ press the keyboard shortcut to switch straight to any other desktop (e.g. in my case, Alt-F3 to jump to desktop number 3)
 3/ the window has moved to the desktop with me

This is a very quick way of moving windows around, which I've find myself using an awful lot, and miss now I've started using the (otherwise excellent) xfce.  

While moving a window in xfce, the first press of the keyboard shortcut is ignored, and the second is honoured but the window is left behind on the old desktop.  I wonder if anyone else thinks this is a bug, and worth fixing?

Thanks for your attention..
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2010-01-18 08:22:26 CET
You know there is a shortcut to send a window to a desktop directly, don't you?

By default, it's Ctrl-Alt + numeric keypad
Comment 2 yaxu 2010-01-18 19:16:25 CET
Yes, but that's a bit different - I'm looking for a way of moving a window *while* switching around desktops.
Comment 3 Steve Dodier-Lazaro editbugs 2015-02-07 20:12:09 CET

Now that laptops, notebooks and tablets are common, I believe the feature could be implemented. Right now if I'm moving a window with the keyboard, I can only move it by a few pixels at a time.

Having Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right (or whatever the shortcut is for the user) switch to the next keyboard would dramatically improve the speed of moving a window around.

Likewise, Shift+direction could be used to move/resize a window 10-20 times faster than the direction key alone.
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