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Totem shows maximized after leaving fullscreen


Description Mike Massonnet editbugs 2009-11-12 20:38:38 CET
I am able to reproduce a bug with Totem that shows only up with xfwm4 (it is confirmed to work fine with compiz and metacity, and I tried kwin myself).

The problem is that after quitting totem (type 'q') in fullscreen (switched at least twice) it restarts maximized and didn't remember its initial size. If you pass only once to fullscreen and quit everything is fine. To reproduce the bug simply: run totem > pass to fullscreen (type 'f') > normal ('f') > fullscreen ('f') again > and quit. Restart and see the window maximized. When unmaximizing the window it will have about the same size as maximized.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2009-11-13 09:49:01 CET
Ahumm, can you please elaborate with a step by step reproducer, I do not understand what you mean by "switched at least twice"
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2009-11-13 09:50:33 CET
Please also note that apps that specify an initial size larger than the actual monitor size are auto-maximized by xfwm4, that's a feature and not a bug.
Comment 3 Mike Massonnet editbugs 2009-11-13 19:08:35 CET
Ok, that's a good thing, perhaps also related dunno.

To reproduce:
Start totem > pass in fullscreen > quit. When you start totem again it shows with its previous windowed size.

Start totem > pass in fullscreen > pass to windowed > pass to fullscreen > quit. Totem will shows up maximized.

If you quit from fullscreen when you switched more than once to it it seems to always reproduce the bug.

Bug #5974

Reported by:
Mike Massonnet
Reported on: 2009-11-12
Last modified on: 2020-05-21


Olivier Fourdan
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