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session-restored windows on workspaces other than the first won't take focus ...


Description Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2004-12-12 04:06:02 CET
Not sure if this is xfwm4's fault or xfce4-session's.  Anyway, I have an anjuta
window and a few Terminal windows that get restored to the 2nd workspace after I
start xfce.  Everything on the 1st workspace is fine, but if I switch to the
second one, I can't focus any of the windows unless I click on the titlebar or
borders.  After that, they take focus normally if I move to another window and
back, but each window needs to have its decorations clicked first.  Focus mode
(as you might have guessed) is focus-on-click.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-12-12 09:48:24 CET
I believe it's now fixed in CVS, can you try?
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-12-15 23:05:31 CET
That bug was fixed in RC2 "final"

Bug #588

Reported by:
Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail)
Reported on: 2004-12-12
Last modified on: 2009-07-14


Olivier Fourdan
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