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Crashes when querying Gmail account


Description bloezmijk 2009-10-07 10:25:47 CEST
(gdb) bt
#0  0x00007ff1ab4e8fb5 in raise () from /lib/libc.so.6
#1  0x00007ff1ab4eabc3 in abort () from /lib/libc.so.6
#2  0x00007ff1aba4c12d in ?? () from /lib/libgcrypt.so.11
#3  0x00007ff1aba4c3c5 in ?? () from /lib/libgcrypt.so.11
#4  0x00007ff1aba50dec in ?? () from /lib/libgcrypt.so.11
#5  0x00007ff1aba50e08 in ?? () from /lib/libgcrypt.so.11
#6  0x00007ff1aba4c9f9 in ?? () from /lib/libgcrypt.so.11
#7  0x00007ff1aba4ca5c in ?? () from /lib/libgcrypt.so.11
#8  0x00007ff1aba5c95a in ?? () from /lib/libgcrypt.so.11
#9  0x00007ff1aba5caaa in ?? () from /lib/libgcrypt.so.11
#10 0x00007ff1ac114532 in wrap_gcry_mac_init (algo=<value optimized out>, ctx=0xffffffffffffffff) at mac-libgcrypt.c:42
#11 0x00007ff1ac0f985f in _gnutls_hmac_init (dig=0x7ff1a39a9b40, algorithm=GNUTLS_MAC_MD5, key=0x18c0c00, keylen=24) at gnutls_hash_int.c:277
#12 0x00007ff1ac10b067 in _gnutls_P_hash (algorithm=GNUTLS_MAC_MD5, secret=0x18c0c00 "\003\0021B\\�ê�%�\226m\2207�AZ�W\031�\036�\\T�`1�[�\001��\004o[�[׷�T�E5�", secret_size=24, 
    seed=0x7ff1a39a9e70 "master secretJ�f}r�\215���庰�Ŭ�\223\215�\006\205���\023�\021J�:�J�f}�q��\201aJ\234FR�&�\bO׸CuuR~�h�(\204�", seed_size=<value optimized out>, total_bytes=48, 
    ret=0x7ff1a39a9da0 "\001") at gnutls_state.c:811
#13 0x00007ff1ac10b333 in _gnutls_PRF (session=<value optimized out>, secret=0x18c0c00 "\003\0021B\\�ê�%�\226m\2207�AZ�W\031�\036�\\T�`1�[�\001��\004o[�[׷�T�E5�", secret_size=0, 
    label=<value optimized out>, label_size=<value optimized out>, seed=0x7ff1a39aa1a0 "J�f}r�\215���庰�Ŭ�\223\215�\006\205���\023�\021J�:�J�f}�q��\201aJ\234FR�&�\bO׸CuuR~�h�(\204���\025��\177", 
    seed_size=<value optimized out>, total_bytes=48, ret=0x1c78a22) at gnutls_state.c:925
#14 0x00007ff1ac0f7eee in generate_normal_master (session=0x1c78a00, keep_premaster=0) at gnutls_kx.c:154
#15 0x00007ff1ac1033bb in _gnutls_connection_state_init (session=0x18c4) at gnutls_constate.c:434
#16 0x00007ff1ac0f3608 in _gnutls_send_handshake_final (session=0x1c78a00, init=<value optimized out>) at gnutls_handshake.c:2472
#17 0x00007ff1ac0f37e5 in _gnutls_handshake_common (session=0x1c78a00) at gnutls_handshake.c:2693
#18 0x00007ff1ac0f4f62 in gnutls_handshake (session=0x1c78a00) at gnutls_handshake.c:2297
#19 0x00000000004189d9 in ?? ()
#20 0x00000000004198a1 in ?? ()
#21 0x000000000040ea7a in ?? ()
#22 0x000000000040ef6c in ?? ()
#23 0x00007ff1ac3dfae4 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so.0
#24 0x00007ff1ab82f3ba in start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
#25 0x00007ff1ab59bfcd in clone () from /lib/libc.so.6
#26 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
(gdb) exit
Comment 1 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2009-10-07 10:46:46 CEST
Looks like a possible bug in libgcrypt, or general memory corruption elsewhere.  Backtrace isn't too useful, unfortunately.
Comment 2 bloezmijk 2009-10-07 12:17:09 CEST
(In reply to comment #1)
> Looks like a possible bug in libgcrypt, or general memory corruption elsewhere.
>  Backtrace isn't too useful, unfortunately.

yeah, i suspected the same. the plugin was worked properly for months, but today it started to crash. there were no system updates, etc.
Comment 3 Landry Breuil editbugs 2014-11-23 21:42:18 CET
Mass-reassign all bugs from florian@ to goodies-dev@, thanks for the maintenance work! (and sorry for the bugmail spam..)
Comment 4 Git Bot editbugs 2020-05-24 00:41:25 CEST
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Bug #5840

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