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contents of KDE menu disapears when using Xfce4.2RC1


Description Pete Hildebrandt 2004-12-03 23:41:50 CET
After using Xfce4.2 RC1 for a while, and logging out and logging into KDE the
K-Menu is nearly empty. This started to happen after I started using Xfce4.2RC1,
KDE 3.3.1 worked fine for that. I only used Xfce4.2RC1 and I have talked to
other people that use Xfce4.2RC1, and they have had the same problem too.

I might have to do with setting up the Xfce-menu.

I helped to have a backup of the .kde folder. I just delete the old/broken .kde
folder, I log into KDE and back out. After that I copy the backup over the newly
created .kde folder. Copying the backup folder over the broken .kde folder
doesn't help.

I will try to find out more about this bug.


Reproducible: Sometimes
Steps to Reproduce:
1. use Xfce 4.2RC1 for a while... set up the Xfce-menu...
2. logout of Xfce 4.2RC1 and log into KDE
3. you might have to do that several time

Actual Results:  
The K-Menu is nearly emply (only logout and lock-screen is left)
Konqueror behaves strange, it doesn't know any Mimetypes anymore.

Expected Results:  
Leave the K-Menu intact... ;-)

I will put the severity on "Critical" bacause loseing a menu is like losing
Data... ;-)
Comment 1 Brian J. Tarricone (not reading bugmail) 2004-12-04 00:42:09 CET
the xfce menu doesn't write to any menu files or modify anything.  it simply
looks in locations defined by the freedesktop menu standard for .desktop files
and constructs a menu tree from data in those files.  i'm sorry your menu is
gone, but that's KDE's problem, not xfce's.

Bug #567

Reported by:
Pete Hildebrandt
Reported on: 2004-12-03
Last modified on: 2009-07-15


Olivier Fourdan
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