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Mailwatch plugin : does not work with Hotmail


Description yuishiro 2009-08-02 15:56:02 CEST

It seems that mailwatch plugin didn't work with Hotmail's POP3 servers.

Using "pop3.live.com" as mail server, "user@live.com" as username (and proper password) and I'm using "Use SSL/TLS on alternate port" on port 995.

The point is that I couldn't use a protocol analyzer (like wireshark) while POP3 connections to "pop3.live.com" must be encrypted; so I can't try to debug-it myself.

Things that i've tested :
- my GMail accounts are working with this mailwatch plugin
- new created hotmail's accounts doesn't work
- Hotmail accounts tested are working great with other clients (thunderbird, opera mail, etc)

Also, when i say "it doesn't work" with hotmail's pop3 : this is that the plugins doesn't report new mails (even if i had received new ones in on inbox), and mailwatch plugin doesn't write any errors on the "mailwatch log" window.

PS : sorry about my bad english, this is not my native langage

Comment 1 claw 2011-04-24 17:31:44 CEST
Created attachment 3638 
introduce a "remote hotmail mailbox" type for monitoring arrival of new messages

I have attached a patch for supporting Hotmail as a remote mailbox type.  It is against the 1.1.0 tag release.

Rather than patching the builtin pop3 mailbox type, I thought it would be less risky to introduce a builtin hotmail mailbox type and address the various issues there.

 * The Hotmail POP Servers do not implement CAPA, which causes the builtin pop3 mailbox type to silently cease authenticating with the server.  This means that the end-user of this plugin will never see new mail notifications nor see anything in the log window.  This is the observed behaviour reported in this ticket.
 * Hotmail users tend to keep their mail on the server.  In order for the monitor to return to the "No new mail" icon, all the mail would have to be deleted.  For some users this amounts to thousands of emails in their inbox.
 * For a user, trying to determine whether there has actually been any new mail delivered in the thousands already present in the inbox is not a pleasant user experience.  The builtin hotmail mailbox type addresses this by only tracking new emails as they appear in their inbox.
 * Due to deficiencies in the POP3 protocol itself, it's not possible to ascertain whether an email has been read or not read.  Any new emails which has been read still count towards the number indicated by this monitor.  It is only when the email is deleted, or the monitor is restarted will the "No new mail" icon appear again.
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