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Xfwm to use different picture format for themes


Description Andrew Conkling 2004-12-02 13:45:16 CET
I was discussing some xpm theming problems with Jasper on the forum (see link).  
The problem, as I see it, is that the xpm format is very limiting to what you 
can do with picture files.  My specific example (in the g5-ish theme) was that I 
was trying to use .pngs that faded along the edge; xpm format didn't like that 
and made them look all blocky.

Olivier, I bet you didn't make a thoughtless decision on making xfwm4 to use 
xpms, so I don't mean to step on your toes.  I just think it'd be nice if other 
more robust formats were able to be used, given that xfwm4 would still be fast 
and that the themes could still pick up the GTK theme colour.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-12-02 18:16:10 CET
- xfwm4 already supports PNG images. 
- XPM is a file format, that has nothing to do with the look of the pictures.
- XPM is easy to edit supports color symbols

In other words, I don't see your point (XPM vs. PNG is irrelevant here)
Comment 2 Andrew Conkling 2004-12-02 22:53:56 CET
Maybe I misunderstood.  On http://www.xfce.org/xfwm4-theme-howto, it seems that 
XPM is the *only* supported file format for the buttons etc., for example menu-

Unless I'm really missing something, XPM leaves a lot to be desired.  Compare 
the two attached picture files to see what I mean; the first is from a Metacity 
theme and the second from my port of said theme to xfwm4.
Comment 3 Andrew Conkling 2004-12-02 22:55:05 CET
Created attachment 116 
PNG from Metacity theme

Notice the smooth edge.
Comment 4 Andrew Conkling 2004-12-02 22:56:29 CET
Created attachment 117 
XPM from Xfwm4 theme

Notice the jagged border.
Comment 5 Andrew Conkling 2004-12-02 22:57:49 CET
Comment on attachment 117 
XPM from Xfwm4 theme

Notice the jagged border.

(I couldn't figure out a good way to attach this so you'll probably have to
download it first.)
Comment 6 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-12-03 17:48:15 CET
You can perfectly achieve what you want with the current supported formats (XPM
*and* PNG with alpha channel).

I suggest you look at other existing themes that ship with xfwm4-theme package.
Comment 7 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-12-03 17:54:26 CET
=> The answer is in the howto, "Xfwm 4.2 new functionality"
Comment 8 Andrew Conkling 2004-12-03 21:56:52 CET
Yes, I saw the howto, but that seemed like it was only used to achieve some 
fading on the titlebar; you still have to have an XPM present.  With my attached 
pictures, adding in the PNG didn't show the soft edge.

Am I missing something?
Comment 9 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-12-03 22:08:48 CET
I suggest you actually try things out and work a bit on the themes. 

BTW, I'm sorry, but using a resolved bug is not the best way to help on how to
design themes for the window manager.

And, if you think the howto is unclear or incomplete, feel free to post
improvements on the ML :)
Comment 10 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-12-03 22:29:03 CET
Look, send me a screenshot of the theme you want to port and I'll show you that
there is no limitation at all.
Comment 11 Andrew Conkling 2004-12-03 23:59:25 CET
The screenshot's not very good and I don't have Gnome installed so here's a link 
to the theme also; when I've done porting in the past, I've just used the theme 
http://themes.freshmeat.net/branches/53174/ <- That's my poor-looking port. :)
Comment 12 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-12-04 18:51:45 CET
Created attachment 119 
the requested theme ported to xfwm 4.2

Here you go. This theme requires xfwm4 4.2 and will *not* work with xfwm4 from
Xfce 4.0.x
Comment 13 Andrew Conkling 2004-12-04 20:55:58 CET
Well, that seems kind of tedious, but it does work.  I'll give you that.  Thanks 
for showing me what I can do.

Of course, in all of this, I'm not giving up xfwm4, so I hope you understand I 
don't mean to offend. :)

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Andrew Conkling
Reported on: 2004-12-02
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Olivier Fourdan
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PNG from Metacity theme (665 bytes, image/png)
2004-12-02 22:55 CET , Andrew Conkling
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XPM from Xfwm4 theme (2.32 KB, application/octet-stream)
2004-12-02 22:56 CET , Andrew Conkling
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the requested theme ported to xfwm 4.2 (26.95 KB, application/x-tar)
2004-12-04 18:51 CET , Olivier Fourdan
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