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Cannot use Space or Esc in shortcuts


Description Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2009-02-21 12:41:19 CET
With the new shortcut editor, it is not possible to use either Space or Escape keys in shortcuts as they either trigger cancel or activate in the shortcut composition dialog instead.

These shortcuts are used in window menu activation (Alt-Space) and window operation cancellation (Escape) so if anyone tris to modify those shortcuts, there is no way to use the keys except by restoring defaults and loosing all other customization.
Comment 1 David Mohr 2009-02-22 22:55:09 CET
Alt-space works just fine here, so does Ctrl-space. Escape by itself does not though.
Comment 2 Henryk Hecht 2009-02-23 05:36:38 CET
Super-Return and Super-Escape also don't work.  Of course, they can be added to ~/.config/xfce4/shortcuts/*.xml by hand....
Comment 3 Stephane 2009-10-12 17:01:16 CEST
I've got the same problem here, impossible to map <Super>+Space to a commande through the shortcut editor.

You can still do so with xfconf-query though :

xfconf-query -c xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts -np "/commands/custom/<Super>space" -t string -s "gmrun"

Comment 4 charlie-tca 2010-02-11 18:42:38 CET
This bug has also been reported to Ubuntu Launchpad as: 

1) The release of Ubuntu you are using, via 'lsb_release -rd' or System -> About Ubuntu.

"lsb_release -rd" output:

Description: Ubuntu 9.04
Release: 9.04

(This is Xubuntu)

2) The version of the package you are using, via 'apt-cache policy packagename' or by checking in Synaptic.

"apt-cache policy" output:

  Installed: 4.6.0-1ubuntu2
  Candidate: 4.6.0-1ubuntu2
  Version table:
 *** 4.6.0-1ubuntu2 0
        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/universe Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

3) What you expected to happen

1. Open keyboard configuration (Applications→Settings→Keyboard or "xfce4-keyboard-settings" from terminal).
2. Switch to "Application Shortcuts" tab
3. Click "Add" button
4. Enter command in "Shortcut Command" dialog and click "OK" button
5. Press Super_L (left "Windows" key) and Space (or Super_L and Esc) in "Command Shortcut" dialog
6. Command shortcut dialog closes
7. New command shows up in shortcut list with shortcut set to "<Super>Space" or "<Super>Esc"

4) What happened instead

After command shortcut dialog closes, the new command does not show up in the shortcut list. If the shortcut already exists and I try changing the shortcut to <Super>Space or <Super>Esc, the shortcut key combo does not change. I can use Super with all other keys I've tested, such as letters, numbers, arrows, symbols, modifiers (shift, control, alt, etc.), print screen, pause, etc. If these two key combinations cannot be used for some reason, the application should display a notice when I try using them instead of silently failing.

ProblemType: Bug
Architecture: amd64
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 9.04
Package: xfce4-settings 4.6.0-1ubuntu2
 PATH=(custom, user)
SourcePackage: xfce4-settings
Uname: Linux 2.6.28-15-generic x86_64
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Bug #4972

Reported by:
Olivier Fourdan
Reported on: 2009-02-21
Last modified on: 2020-05-29


Jérôme Guelfucci
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