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list of applications is very short upon first start after upgrading to beta1


Description David Mohr 2008-11-14 05:41:25 CET
The first time I start the appfinder, it only displays ~5 applications. When I enter a filter, of course nothing is found (because i.e. midori was not among the 5).

If I click another category, and then all again, I see the full list as expected. After closing and restarting appfinder, it also works as expected.

This happened to me under gentoo and debian.
Comment 1 Jannis Pohlmann editbugs 2008-11-15 14:18:37 CET
This might be fixed in beta2/SVN. Can you try to reproduce it again?
Comment 2 Jannis Pohlmann editbugs 2008-11-15 14:20:12 CET
Oh, I can reproduce it. Let me fix it.
Comment 3 Jannis Pohlmann editbugs 2008-11-15 15:19:38 CET
This should be fixed in revision 28812. Can you verify it?

2008-11-15	Jannis Pohlmann <jannis@xfce.org>

	* src/xfce-appfinder-window.c (_xfce_appfinder_window_visible_func): 
	  Assume "All" category if the category string is empty. For some 
	  reason xfconf_g_property_bind() sets the property to an empty string
	  if it does not exist at the time the binding is created. This fixes
	  bug #4613.
	* NEWS: Update NEWS file.
Comment 4 Robby Workman editbugs 2008-11-20 19:56:31 CET
Definitely fixed in r28867; closing bug.  Thanks, Jannis. :)

Bug #4613

Reported by:
David Mohr
Reported on: 2008-11-14
Last modified on: 2009-07-14


Jannis Pohlmann
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