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Xfwm4 compositing and desktop icons have issues


Description jesseblehman 2008-02-21 03:13:50 CET
When compositing is enabled in Xfwm4, it tends to screw up my desktop icons.  For example, the desktop will stop updating correctly after a while, and trying to move the icons will leave a "trail" of blue squares behind.  Starting up, the icons sometimes have duplicates stacked on top of one another.  This only occurs when running the Xfwm4 compositor.
Comment 1 jesseblehman 2008-02-21 05:20:31 CET
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Picture of issue

Apparently, this impacts the panel as well.  Here's a screenshot of it in action.
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2008-03-20 22:35:16 CET
I am afraid that I have never seen any such behavior.

Bug #3859

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Reported on: 2008-02-21
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