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Pidgin 2.2.1 is maximized when system tray icon is clicked after being hidden...


Description a. geanes 2008-01-11 05:27:09 CET
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When using Pidgin 2.2.1 (and higher versions of pidgin), if the "Buddy List" window is either closed (to unmap) or unmapped/hidden (by clicking the tray icon in xfce-panel), when the tray icon is clicked again the pidgin window is maximized instead of reverting back to its original size, as should be the case.  It should be the fault of fvwm4, as the panel doesn't cause this when used with Openbox.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start Pidgin instant messenger, unmaximize the Buddy List window
2. Turn on the option to use a system tray icon
3. Click the tray icon to hide/unmap the window
4. Click the tray icon again to bring the window back

Actual Results:  
The Buddy List window was remapped successfully on the screen, but it was maximized instead of being returned to the size assigned before being unmapped.

Expected Results:  
It should have remapped the window, but kept the dimensions it was given before being unmapped.

Linux distro: Slackware 12.0
Glib: 1.2.10
GTK+: 1.2.10
Comment 1 Reeko Savage 2008-02-05 06:25:43 CET
Same happens with version 2.3.1 of Pidgin. I'm running Xubuntu 7.10.

Bug #3795

Reported by:
a. geanes
Reported on: 2008-01-11
Last modified on: 2020-05-21


Olivier Fourdan
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