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changing orientation in RandR hides bottom part


Description Fabian Nowak editbugs 2007-12-26 17:08:11 CET
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on a 1600x1200 60Hz display, i ran xrandr -o left and think,that only a height of 1400 is displayed from top to 1400 instead of 1600 as expected. pdfcube will use the bottom area as well, and replacing xfwm4 with metacity allows access to the bottom deskto parea and thus the panel as well, rechanging to xfwm4 will inhibit the acccess again, not redrawing the area. the mouse is drawn in that area, though.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. xrandr -o left
2. metacity --replace
3. Bottom panel is now visible

Expected Results:  
1. xrandr -o left 
2. Bottom panel is already visible and accessible

nvidia-71xx-legacy with GeForce 2 GTS, Debian, Xserver-xorg 7.3+8, Xserver-xorg-core 1.4.1~git20071212-2
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2008-05-17 16:20:20 CEST
Can you elaborate? I do not understand the relationship with pdfcube? How is the area "not accessible"? 
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2008-05-17 16:27:33 CEST
I see what you mean, you have to disable the coompositor to make it work
Comment 3 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2008-05-17 16:43:35 CEST
Should be fixed with rev. 26969.
Comment 4 Fabian Nowak editbugs 2008-05-17 17:27:49 CEST
Hey Olivier,

sorry for not responding earlier - was busy renovating my new flat.

I am glad you figured out what I meant in the bug report; I tried the old xfwm4 without compositor (as is normally my default setup) and turning the display worked normally; I then installed rev. 26969 and now it really works with composite enabled as well. Nice. Thank you very much :)

Bug #3763

Reported by:
Fabian Nowak
Reported on: 2007-12-26
Last modified on: 2009-07-14


Olivier Fourdan
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