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Mail-Watcher Mbox format


Description Michael Matson 2007-04-14 23:41:46 CEST
Mail-Watcher erronously appends "/new" to the entered stem "/var/mail/$USER" in Mbox format, just as it does MailDir format. Obviously this produces a "not found" error in the log, as there is not "/var/mail/$USER/new in Mbox format. <g>
Comment 1 Pasi Orovuo 2007-04-15 22:58:41 CEST
I don't think so. Are you sure you've configured your mailbox as mbox properly?
Comment 2 Michael Matson 2007-04-17 04:02:48 CEST
It has been correctling configured for the last 10 years or so -- at least according to Sendmail, now Postfix, Evolution, Emacs, Xemacs, the Gnome Mailcheck applet,  and MH. 

Mail Watcher is the first program I've run into that has had a problem. Of course, it's the only program I've run into that things that Mbox has a */new directory beneath each user's mailbox too. As I'm sure you know, Mbox does not. The */mail directory simply contains a single file for each user's mail, with each message appended to the end of the file until the user "empties" it. At which point the file is not deleted, but simply truncated to 0 bytes.
Comment 3 Pasi Orovuo 2007-04-17 10:53:52 CEST
I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough. I meant have you configured Mailwatch to watch mbox format mailbox properly? Mailwatch mbox plugin does not look for */new but tries to open the _file_ given unto it. So my best guess is that you've configured it to look for maildir rather than mbox.

If you're confident that you've configured Mailwatch properly please supply your configuration file as well.
Comment 4 Michael Matson 2007-04-17 23:44:06 CEST
Okay. You were right!

But I must say that this is odd because I tried to configure the mailbox as an Mbox type 3 times before submitting the bug report. The only difference between those three times and this last time was that I had configured my two remote POP3 mail boxes in the interim.

I also note that when you edit an existing mail box type it doesn't tell you which type of mailbox it is (IMAP, POP, Mbox, Maildir, etc.). So obviously, not only can you not double check to make sure you really did select the right type, nor can you change it if you ended up on the wrong type (as I did for some reason.

We'll call these "requested features". <g>

Thanks! I'm marking the status as CLOSED and WORKSFORME (if it takes).

Sorry to bug you. (pun intended)

Bug #3143

Reported by:
Michael Matson
Reported on: 2007-04-14
Last modified on: 2010-11-09


Pasi Orovuo
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