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Arrow keys spawn history when input has been given; but an relevant autocompl...


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When I have 5 mount commands in my history and enter 'mount '; a list of history entries is shown. When I press 'ESC' it disappears. Now when I press the down-arrow key; a list of (unrelated) history entries is shown. I would expect these entries to be autocomplete entries instead of just a list of my history. I have typed a partial command so the list of history entries should be auto-complete entries and not just some list.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Type a partial command which has autocomplete entries
2. Cancel the autocomplete history list by pressing 'ESC'
3. Press the down-arrow on your keyboard

Actual Results:  
An unrelated list of history entries is shown

Expected Results:  
A related [autocomplete] list of history entries based on the already entered partial command
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Bug #3114

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