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Thunar hangs on startup for users with NFS mounted home directory


Description Kelvin Woods 2007-03-30 09:33:55 CEST
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Any attempt to start Thunar by a user with an NFS mounted home directory results in the application hanging (application window opens, but panels remain grey). "ps" indicates that the process is in state "S+", whilst "top" indicates the process is in state "kserel". Neither of the "thunarrc" or "accels.scm" files are created in the ~/.config/Thunar directory. Additionally, the thumbnailers.cache file /is/ created, but the metafile.tdb file is always zero bytes long in the ~/.cache/Thunar directory.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Launch Thunar either from the command prompt or the Thunar icon on the icon panel from a user account with an NFS mounted home directory.

Actual Results:  
A Thunar application window is opened on the desktop. However, the contents of the  window remain grey.

Expected Results:  
A normal Thunar application window should be started allowing the user to view the file system.

Users with a local home directory are unaffected by this problem on the existing system setup.
Comment 1 Nick Schermer editbugs 2012-09-27 10:20:58 CEST
Please reopen if this is still an issue with the latest Thunar release.

Bug #3076

Reported by:
Kelvin Woods
Reported on: 2007-03-30
Last modified on: 2012-09-27


Jannis Pohlmann
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