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Kiosk mode on per-user basis


Description Tigerwolf 2007-03-22 04:31:33 CET
A new enhancement would be bery nice: Kiosk mode on a per-user/account basis...i.e. different users could have different setups/panels/etc. (just as a normal user now can) but the setup would be lockable/unlockable for each user account rather than having a single global kiosk setup.

Having such capability would be good for environments where a publicly open terminal could used by different categories of users (e.g. engineering, accounting, personnel, etc.) with each group-specific login (i.e. login as engineering) presenting an XFCE session customized and locked-down for only the types of thingsthose users need.

I've not pondered all the ways to do this, but the easist would be to let the
user account work as normal now, with info stored in the account .config,
possibly owned/writable only by a 'kiosk-admin' account.  Instead of being global, kioskrc would be also stored in the individual account .config rather than a single global one so that different levels of locking could be defined per-user.  

For new account setup or changes by admin, iw tould only be necessary to turn kiosk mode off for the account, log in as that user, make desired changes, then re-invoke kiosk mode to lock things down.

Note that this differs from just chowning and making key files unalterable by the user, because the 'option hiding' for panel properties, menu edite, etc, tha t kiosk mode does must be retained.   Just protecting files from changes would not accomplish the hiding of functions kiosk users shouldn't see.

Please consider this option.  If desired, I'll be happy to deploy it and help provide feedback during development.

=^_^=  Tigerwolf
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