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no song titles in mpd panel plugin


Description Radomir Dopieralski 2007-02-28 16:09:05 CET
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The xfce4-mpd-panel-plugin doesn't display the information about the track being played or tracks in the playlist.

I'm sorry I've chosen wrong component, but I coudn't find the mpd plugin on the list. I coudn't find any other means to report bugs mentioned on the plugin's page, so I thought I'll give it a try. The bugzilla required me to choose any component, so I've picked the one that is most similar in terms of functionality.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Add the xfce4-mpc-panel-plugin to yuor panel
2. Set it up to connect to your mpd daemon, make it play a song
3. Hover your mouse over the plugin. The tooltip says: "Volume: 50% - Mpd playing - [(null) - (null)] -/- (#(null)) (null)"
4. Middle-click the plugin. The track list displays a lot of entries that say "(null) - (null)"

Actual Results:  
(null)s instead of information about played/available tracks

Expected Results:  
Actual information about the titles, authors, track numbers, length, etc. retrieved from MPD

panel plugin version: 3.0
mpd (MPD: Music Player Daemon) 0.12.1
Comment 1 Landry Breuil editbugs 2007-02-28 17:31:58 CET
Is your plugin compiled from source, or do you use feisty binary ? is it compiled against libmpd ?

ldd $base_path_for_xfce/libexec/xfce4/panel-plugins/xfce4-mpc-plugin | grep libmpd to check this..

Are your songs correctly id3-tagged ? if not, it's normal.. i don't retrieve the filename as a fallback atm..

btw, can someone create a category for my plugin, and assign it to me ? thanks :)
Comment 2 Radomir Dopieralski 2007-03-01 10:51:34 CET
I'm using the Feisty build.

sheep@ghostwheel:~$ ldd /usr/lib/xfce4-mpc-plugin/xfce4/panel-plugins/xfce4-mpc-plugin | grep libmpd
        libmpd.so.0 => /usr/lib/libmpd.so.0 (0xb7802000)

I just tested the id3 of the songs, and you are right! For some reason all the songs I had enqueued were not tagged. The tagged songs are displayed correctly. Terribly sorry for the fuss, I didn't notice it. I will just tag the songs.

I'll change the severity to "minor".

Thank you for this plugin, it's extremely useful for me.

Bug #2962

Reported by:
Radomir Dopieralski
Reported on: 2007-02-28
Last modified on: 2018-01-02


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