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Painting in GIMP makes the whole desktop freeze


Description Radomir Dopieralski 2007-01-24 10:34:32 CET
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It's sufficient to make a few quick brush strokes in GIMP to make the whole xfwm4 freeze, absorbing all the CPU time for several minutes. More than a few strokes quickly can even crash it. 

This bug is connected with xfwm4, as it doesn't appear when using metacity, fluxbox, windowmaker, beryl or compiz.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open GIMP
2. Create a new image
3. Select the brush tool
4. Make several fast brush strokes on the image
5. Try to click any widget or switch workplaces or do anything other than painting more brush strokes
6. Observe the CPU load in system monitor go to 100%

Actual Results:  
The system is frozen for several minutes, until it calms down and the CPU load goes back to normal. This makes it very frustrating to use GIMP under XFCE.

Expected Results:  
When using other window managers, you can easily use the GIMP's interface and other program's interfaces even right after using the brush. There CPU load is also much lower.

Stracing xfwm4 reveals that it's busy pushing large amounts of data through a linux socket to X. 

The bug seems to be connected with GIMP reporting updates of the image to the window icon.
Comment 1 Radomir Dopieralski 2007-01-24 10:35:54 CET
I reported it also on xubuntu bug tracker, which claimed then "fix released", but I'm still experiencing it in 4.4.0.
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2007-01-24 12:12:10 CET
But what version are you using? open up a terminal and type

  xfwm4 --version

Then post the result here.
Comment 3 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2007-01-24 12:36:14 CET
That's odd, and definitely requires some investigations.
Comment 4 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2007-01-24 20:58:05 CET
Ok, I think I know why... The gimp updates its _NET_WM_ICON_NAME and WM_ICON_NAME properties at every mouse stoke...
Comment 5 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2007-01-24 21:52:31 CET
Ok, should be fixed in SVN now, rev. 24716.

You can grab a snapshot from here, as usual:

Comment 6 Radomir Dopieralski 2007-01-25 07:18:20 CET
Thank you so much! This was bugging me since 4.2, I should have reported it upstream right away. 
Comment 7 Radomir Dopieralski 2007-01-26 17:20:44 CET
Works great, thank you so much!

Bug #2810

Reported by:
Radomir Dopieralski
Reported on: 2007-01-24
Last modified on: 2009-07-14


Olivier Fourdan
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