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Focus follows mouse gets confused by vmware


Description xwolf 2004-07-27 09:01:58 CEST
VMware is running (with xp in it) in a window on my xfce desktop. I use focus
follows mouse. When the mouse pointer leaves the vmware window (quickly) the
focus usually stays with the vmware window and i have to click on some other
window to change it.
vmware grabs the mouse pointer when it enters the window and releases it as
soon as leaves the window, probably it is related to that.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-08-05 07:52:28 CEST
xfwm4 notifies the app that it should get focus, and the app is responsible of
actually setting focus. This might cause some race conds between the apps
themselves, but that's the standard correct behaviour AFAICT.

I don't think it's a bug in xfce, and I don't think it's avoidable.
Comment 2 xwolf 2004-08-13 16:26:55 CEST
i can't tell if its a bug, but it can be rather annoying :)
and on the other hand, no other wm i have tried (kwin, sawfish, metacity,
windowmaker, enlightenment, and yes i did try them) shows this behaviour. I
would blame vmware's handling of focus, but as i said, the other wms handle it
more gracefully.
so it might be avoidable.
Comment 3 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-08-15 21:18:15 CEST
Well, I double checked my code and found nothing wrong. It's a race condition
between vmware and another application, which means that may or may not show on
other systems and/or with another combination of applications.

For example, I'm not having such a problem - Doesn't mean that it's not
Comment 4 Jasper Huijsmans editbugs 2005-03-14 19:43:11 CET
I think this is a WORKSFORME. Olivier?
Comment 5 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2006-03-10 17:24:47 CET
Yeah, works for me... at least :)

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