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_NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN issues with xfwm4


Description xfce 2004-06-28 02:01:13 CEST
When I try to enter full screen mode with xawtv or xawdecode (TV viewing apps),
instead of enjoying the TV picture in fullscreen (this is what I get with kwin,
fluxbox, fvwm etc.), with xfwm4 and metacity, what I see is basically:
- the xfce4 taskbar at the top
- xawtv's window decoration
- xawtv's left window frame
- I get the TV on the rest of the screen, although it's truncated.
Screenshot: http://abusenospam.free.fr/bug.png

Expected result: Have the TV in fullscreen like I get with other window

I think it's the same issue that was brought up here for metacity but never
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-06-28 20:27:39 CEST
What version of XawTV?

I'm really having no problem at all with XawTV/fullscreen here.
Comment 2 xfce 2004-06-28 23:42:11 CEST
My bad.

I had not tested xawtv in a while. And since at some point I had the same
problem with both xawtv and xawdecode, and since I still have it with
xawdecode, I assumed that the problem would still be there with xawtv.

Xawdecode's website is http://xawdecode.sourceforge.net/ , and source &
binaries can be downloaded from

However, I also have a fullscreen bug with xawtv & xfwm4, but a different one.
I run X with a custom resolution: 1112x834 (it gives me more space than
1024x768 and a better refresh rate than 1152x864).

If I set my resolution to 1024x768, fullscreen works fine, but at 1112x834, the
fullscreened xawtv window does not cover the whole screen. The bottom and right
part of the screen show the desktop. On the screenshot, the TV surface (blue)
measures 1088x816.
Screenshot: http://abusenospam.free.fr/bug2.png
(again no such problem in other wms like fluxbox or kwin)
Here's the modeline I used if you want to try to reproduce it:

ModeLine "1112x834" 99.37 1112 1160 1400 1496 834 836 848 874 #76Hz

edited on: 06-28 23:42
Comment 3 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-06-29 05:33:06 CEST
That's prolly because the aspect ratio is not the same. xfwm4 (unlike many
other WM, including metacity for example) does implement aspect ratio and check
for it even in fullscreen mode.

edited on: 06-29 05:33
Comment 4 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-06-29 05:45:43 CEST
Can you try this version:


This one ignore the app's size hints in fullscreen mode
Comment 5 xfce 2004-06-29 11:52:43 CEST
I'll try 4.0.6-cvs tonight

Regarding the aspect ratio, 1112x834 is strictly 4/3, like 1024x768 etc.
But it's true that I don't have that fullscreen bug with xawtv when using
metacity & 1112x834.

I do have the exact same xawdecode fullscreen bug with both metacity and xfwm
Comment 6 xfce 2004-06-29 19:45:14 CEST
Xawtv's fullscreen works fine at my weird resolution with 4.0.6-cvs

I still have the same issue with xawdecode, but I think it was expected ;)
I could use xawtv over xawdecode, but
- with xawtv I have a large green stripe on the right in fullscreen mode (in
all wms this time), I don't have this with xawdecode
- with xawdecode I can have a fullscreen image in fullscreen mode using overlay
(takes 0% of cpu time), whereas with xawtv I have to use grabdisplay (=40% cpu)
- it's a bug in xfwm4 anyway ;)
Comment 7 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-06-29 19:49:40 CEST
I don't think it's a bug in xfwm4. Try tvtime instead.
Comment 8 xfce 2004-06-30 11:16:42 CEST
Thank you for your suggestion of trying tvtime. However, its cpu usage is even
worse than xawtv's (grabdisplay+deinterlace), so it's not really what I'm
looking for.

And like I argued, it doesn't change the fact that it's a bug in xfwm4, imho
of course.
What lead me to think that?
It's simple.
In my xfce4 session, if I kill xfwm4 and start fluxbox, enlightenment or kwin,
suddently the fullscreen mode of xawdecode works as expected (and I still have
xftaskbar4 running at the top of the screen, and it is not covered when I
maximize a window etc.).

And although I have not tested it myself, others have reported that it works
with Openbox, BlackBox, IceWM, AfterStep, fvwm2, fvwm1 and sawfish.

Also, I have just noticed that if I set the xawdecode window to be on top
before I fullscreen it, then the fullscreen mode works correctly.
Could it be what the other wms are doing that xfwm does not?
Shouldn't a fullscreen window be always on top anyway?
Comment 9 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2004-06-30 16:09:31 CEST
It *is* a xawdecode bug, please direct this to xawdecode devel team.

xprop on the window shows itdoesn't switch to fullscreen, just "above":


It is not followingthe standard. As for other WM being nice with such an app,
sorry, it's doesn't prove that's a bug in xfwm4.

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