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need setting/choice whether sending window to another workspace to also switc...


Description samo 2006-10-10 09:11:08 CEST
curently, sending a window to another workspace, switches into that workspace.
other WMs, e.g. kde, instead stay where you were (so only the window disappears).
would be good if this behavior is configurable - always this way or the other.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2006-10-12 10:51:54 CEST
Humm, no, not yet another option... There are far too many options.

You can achieve what you want with the window operation menu, and the menu has a keyboard shortcut now.
Comment 2 Marius Vlad 2008-10-10 20:39:57 CEST
So this dates from 2006, and even now it holds ? 

If by window decoration menu you mean typing alt space send to other desktop, it's like scratching your left year with your right hand.
Comment 3 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2008-10-10 22:11:58 CEST
Yes, it holds because I see no need for this option.
Comment 4 Psy[H[] 2012-04-02 13:40:48 CEST
Maybe it would be better to look at this from another angle:
Make shortcut "Move window to workspace N" to actually move window to workspace N, without additionally doing anything unexpected? That would be logical IMHO.
Comment 5 Mike Burns 2014-09-13 04:31:13 CEST
In the least it is confusing that the two actions have the same verb - the Window Manager settings calls it "Move window to workspace n", and the window menu calls it "Move to Another Workspace > n". Perhaps the keybinding setting should call it "Jump with window to workspace n".

What is the suggested way to quickly send three windows to workspace 7 (from, say, workspace 1)?
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Bug #2412

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