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vncviewer's geometry hints aren't respected


Description Daniel Ceregatti 2006-09-19 18:52:24 CEST
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I need to VNC to many other machines whose displays are the same, or a multiple of, mine: 2560x1024 or 1280x1024 respectively. It's very annoying when vncviewer has internal scroll bars and I have to use these to get to the bottom or right, so I read the man page and found that it can provide hints to the window manager to tell it the specific geometry it wants. For example:

vncviewer geometry=1280x1024+1280+0 WMDecorationWidth=0 WMDecorationHeight=0 host:0

This _should_ spawn a new vncviewer window with said geometry, accounting for the fact that it'll ultimately have no decorations since I also have devilspie running, which removes the decorations. What happens is a new vncviewer window is spawned at the specified location but with decorations, and its total size comprises the decorations, and because the inner window is slightly smaller than 1280x1024 because of the decorations, it has no choice but to add its internal scroll bars.

I'm trying to figure out if xfwm4 is resizing the window to make it fit inside of 1280x1024 or somehow vncviewer is not starting with the correct size. For now, I'll leave this bug here until I can figure it out.

Reproducible: Always
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2006-09-19 19:24:57 CEST
If an application requests a size larger than the actual screen size, xfwm4 auto-maximize the window. That will resize the window to the widest visible screen area (minus the WM decorations).

That *is* a feature, not a bug. You cannot get a window larger that the actual work area (the work area being the screen size minus the struts, like defined by the panel).
Comment 2 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2006-09-19 19:30:36 CEST
Also note that devilspie is racing against the window manager here. devilspie changes the property on the window once it's created a map request is emitted, which basically means that the window manager has probably already computed the window size and position before devilspie removes them. That not a bug in xfwm4 either.
Comment 3 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2006-09-19 19:34:23 CEST
BTW, to achieve what you want, why don't you use Alt+F11 to achieve fullscreen? That will do what you want, in a clean way (ie w/out devilspie)
Comment 4 Daniel Ceregatti 2006-09-19 19:37:17 CEST
Ok, so it's a feature, and I do realize that devilspie can only work after the window manager has done its thing. I have been able to work around this a bit by doing more fine grained matching of the window title against the hostname I'm connecting to and knowing that hostname's geometry. Perhaps there's a chance I can request that this 'feature' may be configurable? Unless there are plans to add "remember this window's geometry/decoration prefs" to xfwm4.
Comment 5 Daniel Ceregatti 2006-09-19 19:41:27 CEST
Alt+F11 seems to work very well indeed! While this solution does work very well, it's still an extra step that I must take, which I was hoping to avoid. Shall I create a new feature request for the configurable removal of the "make sure the windows isn't bigger than the display" feature?
Comment 6 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2006-09-19 19:43:00 CEST
No such plan, no. There is already a mechanism to remember window size/position, but that for session management.
Comment 7 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2006-09-19 19:52:49 CEST
Note that you can also use devilspie to toggle the window to fullscreen for you... (why do you remove the decorations, specify size, etc. while there is a standard fullscreen mode?)
Comment 8 Daniel Ceregatti 2006-09-19 20:18:32 CEST
Now THAT works perfectly! I think that in my previous window manager, devilspie fullscreen would span both my displays for 1280x1204 windows. In xfce, everything works perfect with this option. Thanks so much for you help. I'll close this bug.

Bug #2343

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Daniel Ceregatti
Reported on: 2006-09-19
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