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Poltergeists moving windows


Description Yet another Dan 2006-07-24 07:12:56 CEST
XFCE (Xfce 4.4 BETA1) has been suddenly relocating app windows all by itself on an x86 running Zenwalk 2.6 (Slackware). I installed a month or so ago, and it seems to have started maybe a week or two ago and maybe gotten worse in the last few days. One moment a window will be in one spot, then it spontaneously moves to another.  I thought for a while that one window (Thunderbird) had disappeared, but maybe it just got moved off the screen. The moves may be triggered by something I do, but I'm not sure.  The last one occured when I switched between desktops.
Comment 1 Olivier Fourdan editbugs 2006-08-15 16:19:47 CEST
Not seeing that here. Please update to xfwm4 rev 22776 or later and report.

(please note that is beta 2, not beta 1, so I'm not sure about the exact version you use)

Bug #2063

Reported by:
Yet another Dan
Reported on: 2006-07-24
Last modified on: 2020-05-21


Olivier Fourdan
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