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Open with Other Application dialog - cannot remove item from recommended appl...


Description Ivo Krastev 2006-05-16 08:31:30 CEST
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When selecting a file and
Right-click on it,
then choose "Open with Other Application ..."
dialog "Open with" appers

There an option to remove the Recommended Applications is needed "desperately"

for Example:

I choose to open a .text1 file with Mousepad
but instead of

mousepad %f

I type

qpad %f

where qpad is something a different program (not an editor)

I cannot remove the qpad entry from the list afterwards, 
although I can add new entry with correct command 
This is something annoying rather than a BUG!
Some geeks might even call it a feature (colleagues of mine)
But I think it is important to have a "remove/delete" button there (only for recommended application list, because there is other applications list, 
which I think should not be accessible for modification by users!

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Comment 1 Benedikt Meurer editbugs 2006-05-16 19:43:20 CEST
Created attachment 553 
Possible patch

How about this one?
Comment 2 Ivo Krastev 2006-05-16 20:53:24 CEST
(In reply to comment #1)
> Created an attachment (id=553) [edit]
> Possible patch
> How about this one?
Proposed patch worked for me! (applied on version: Thunar-0.3.1svn-r21486)

It seems to be a perfect functionality!
I can see that the [- Remove Launcher] ONLY deletes the custom actions asssigned by the USER, not by the mime shared data, which is GREAT!

I think that is all. I hope what I described as success is really the purpose of the patch!

Thank you for the quick responce and keep up the good work!
Comment 3 Benedikt Meurer editbugs 2006-05-17 21:41:11 CEST
Err, don't just resolve bugs. It'll be marked as fixed once its committed.
Comment 4 Benedikt Meurer editbugs 2006-05-17 21:56:08 CEST
Committed with revision 21710.

2006-05-17	Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org>

	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-mime-application.{c,h},
	  thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs.symbols: Add new method
	  thunar_vfs_mime_application_is_usercreated(), which tells whether
	  a given mime application was automatically created by the user
	  via the "custom command" box in the file manager(s).
	* thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs-mime-database.{c,h},
	  thunar-vfs/thunar-vfs.symbols: Add new method
	  thunar_vfs_mime_database_remove_application() to remove a previously
	  added mime application (user-created) from the mime database.
	* thunar/thunar-chooser-dialog.c, thunar/thunar-chooser-model.{c,h}:
	  Add a context menu to the chooser dialog with a "Remove Launcher"
	  item, which allows to remove previously added (user-created)
	  application launchers from the mime database. Bug #1814.

Bug #1814

Reported by:
Ivo Krastev
Reported on: 2006-05-16
Last modified on: 2009-07-17


Jannis Pohlmann
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Possible patch (28.57 KB, patch)
2006-05-16 19:43 CEST , Benedikt Meurer
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