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[Feedback] Could minor xfce-releases + components also be mentioned from the ...


Description shevegen@gmail.com 2020-05-21 18:15:50 CEST
Hey xfce guys,

Sorry for mis-filing this here under xfdesktop; I meant to file it as general xfce-related,
but I could not find such an entry. And I prefer using a form rather than a direct
email too. :-)

Simon (and I assume others) keep us folks updated via blog updates such as:


This is all fine.

Personally I compile everything related to xfce from source. I also test out new 
releases e. g the 4.15 series.

I have commandline scripts (in ruby) that handle updates + compilating automatically
but I still have to update manually sometimes. So to me updates which are new,
are VERY useful information.

On the XFCE homepage at https://www.xfce.org/ we see new entries via
blog posts. But I believe not every minor 4.15.x release is part of that
blog post.

My question or wish is: would it be possible to also publish smaller (minor)
releases? Even just a bump e. g. from a XFCE component to a more
recent release. A bit similar to how distrowatch shows updated programs
on the left side area on the homepage at https://distrowatch.com/.

I am not sure how much work it would be to add news about minor 
releases too; ideally a script could do so for XFCE. To me this would
be helpful because I can look at the homepage, see what is new,
and update it specifically. (I can actually do so automatically, if
I write a few more ruby scripts anyway, but I also like to browse
the web and do things manually; it helps me memorize better
what is going on, as commandline scripts I tend to just run, without
looking what has happened really. I use the KDE konsole with
lots of tabs so I often forget what I have been doing in one
tab. Too much multi-tasking. :-) )

Anyway thanks for reading - if it is too much work don't worry,
it is not so important.
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