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RFE: Please add right-click menu items to SIGSTOP/SIGCONT windows
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Description Michał Górny 2020-04-28 16:44:59 CEST
Some badly-designed programs, particularly web browsers dealing with bad sites (which become common now that JIT JS engines execute infinite loops so much faster) and stuff using web views (in my case Chromium, Evolution) can have significant CPU consumption when entirely idle. This is really problematic when I need that CPU elsewhere and don't want to kill them right now.

What I'd really use is a convenient right-click menu options to suspend (SIGSTOP) and resume (SIGCONT) applications, similarly to how I can ^Z them from console. This is partially related to #12762 but that bug talks of automatically suspending processes, while this is just about convenient options for that.
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Bug #16771

Reported by:
Michał Górny
Reported on: 2020-04-28
Last modified on: 2020-05-28


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