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Wish: Default value for "Run on click" is filled with "Update Now" command


Description Karl 2020-01-31 12:31:27 CET
I'd like to know what I have to put into "Run on click" so that I get a simple update of the new mail status within the mailwatch plugin just like invoking "Update Now" from the context menu.
This would spare me one level of nested menu every time I want an instant update.

I think that putting this command as the default value for "Run on click" would be (1) very easy to implement and (2) a nice touch for all users with no negative side-effect.

My version 1.2.0-3 had empty presets for the "Run on click".
Comment 1 Karl 2020-01-31 12:34:44 CET
This is related to and might also solve #13730
Comment 2 Karl 2020-01-31 12:47:50 CET
Reading the code I just noticed that there is a hidden feature: a middle-click on the plugin icon does invoke an update.
You should probably add a comment on that in the settings dialog + document it more prominently.

I personally consider this middle-click feature as an addition to my original request and not a "replacement".
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Bug #16416

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Florian Rivoal
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