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long waiting when unlocking the screen


Description Paolo Benvenuto 2020-01-09 20:06:15 CET
xfce 4.14, on ubuntu 18.04, installed via  ppa:xubuntu-dev/staging

I often lock my screen with ctl-alt-l. When I unlock it, after the password input success, I'm seeing a black screen with the cursor active, and nothing else showing on it. I must wait about 30 seconds (sometimes more, sometimes less) before having all the screen (panel, desktop, open apps) working. 

Going to a console (ctl-alt-1) I could realize that during the black screen time the process

xfwm4 --replace --display :0.0 --sm-client-id 2e5de5933-5b37-4043-8a87-bc640a83cc82

uses about 90% of cpu time (reported by htop).

This bug isn't present in the standard 4.12 version packaged in ubuntu bionic.

After the black screen comes to its end, that process keeps running, using 2 - 15 % of a cpu.
Comment 1 Paolo Benvenuto 2020-01-10 09:17:10 CET
I made the xfce upgrade 4.14 on another ubuntu bionic pc, I got the same behaviour.

Apparently, the more times un lock/unlock the screen, the more I must wait before the black screen desappears.
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Bug #16360

Reported by:
Paolo Benvenuto
Reported on: 2020-01-09
Last modified on: 2020-05-29


Olivier Fourdan
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