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Window buttons (task list) icons are too small
Window Buttons


Description Adam Purkrt 2019-10-04 08:49:00 CEST
The icons of the window buttons (task list) are too small and does not grow with the panel (they are fixed at 16px). It would be nice if they did.
Comment 1 Adam Purkrt 2019-10-04 12:01:15 CEST
Actually there is a way how to have big icons: you have to

1) disable Window Buttons/Properties/Show button labels
and 2) have "Panel Preferences/Appearance/Icons/Adjust size automatically" off
and 3) have "Panel Preferences/Appearance/Fixed icon size" at least 32

Then there are 32 pixel icons instead of 16 pixel ones (they are somewhat misplaced to the right on the buttons by one or two pixels, though).

But I would like to have big icons with labels, and the best would be if they scaled with the size of the panel.
Comment 2 Adam Purkrt 2019-10-04 12:01:51 CEST
Created attachment 9081 
Big icons not centered properly
Comment 3 Adam Purkrt 2019-10-04 13:50:08 CEST
Created attachment 9082 
Big icons in window buttons

Patch to use big icons. Increase the size of panel to at least 36 pixels to see the change. This of course does not create scalable icons, but more or less achieves what I wanted.
Comment 4 Adam Purkrt 2019-10-04 13:54:17 CEST
Created attachment 9083 
Big icons in window buttons screenshot

The result after the patch.
Comment 5 Adam Purkrt 2019-10-05 08:26:44 CEST
The patch has the following problem: If the panel size is 50 pixels, the window buttons become twoline, individual buttons are 25 pixels high, yet the icons are still 32pixel big, i.e. too big for the buttons.
Comment 6 Adam Purkrt 2019-10-16 17:20:46 CEST
I found I reported similar "bug" already two years ago, bug 12277. I am sorry, I forgot about it. It was wontfix then.

My renewed interest was sparked by a topic on the forum (so I am not alone who would like to see bigger icons on the task list)

Comment 7 Laurentius 2020-05-10 02:03:56 CEST
I want to subscribe to this bug.
For a netbook screen at least, the new gtk3 look of window buttons in xfce 4.14 show too small icons. The "button" itself is ok, but it has a lot of "border" or background (usless, why?) and the icon itself looks too small inside. 

Though not ideal, the thing was better in xfce 4.12. Why this regression?
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Bug #16008

Reported by:
Adam Purkrt
Reported on: 2019-10-04
Last modified on: 2020-05-28


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Big icons not centered properly (10.05 KB, image/png)
2019-10-04 12:01 CEST , Adam Purkrt
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Big icons in window buttons (1.46 KB, patch)
2019-10-04 13:50 CEST , Adam Purkrt
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Big icons in window buttons screenshot (25.45 KB, image/png)
2019-10-04 13:54 CEST , Adam Purkrt
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